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Oh Noes, More You Hoo Tubing Weekend Open Thread! [Updated]

All the news that will fit into 100 seconds.

This is sooooooo freaking cool. I mean it, absolutely no snark involved, but you must watch all of it.

Repeat alert! Reeepeat alert! REPEAT ALERT.

Sorry, but I really, really like this one.

george w bush is an absolute success! No, really.

Heh. Somebody stop me, please…


Holy crap batman! I almost forgot my Onion.

Just doing God’s work.


  1. Hollede

    I am in such a mood today. I have run the gamut from despair to “what the fuck”. I am turning 45 tomorrow and have thought I was pretty unhappy about the event.

    I DEFINE mid-life crisis. Don’t feel bad for me, because I am fairly certain that I will come out the other side better off than I ever was.

    I am a bit concerned that I will not know how to function in a world that is not sooo fucked up. Not saying that President-e Obama is gonna make everything all better, but I am certain that I will be much happier about our government than I ever have before. Can I take this? Will my Democratic soul survive such a thing? Who am I going to be pissed at?

    So please don’t take any of this very seriously. I make fun of that which bothers me. I will get through the menapause and all of the other MONUMENTAL (;~) mid-term problems I imagine face me and hopefully, at least, get a good laugh out of it.

  2. Hollede

    watching Ellen’s Really Really Big Big Show Show. This little eight year old girl just busted out one of the more awesome renditions of Proud Mary. She was amaaaazing. Ani and I are enjoying the show.

    Not the little girl, but something I like. Enjoy..

  3. alyssa chaos

    damn guys all I got to say is: Dont. Get. Drunk. at your own house party.

    Some asshole stranger stole my phone, and I’ve yet to recover it.

    Staying in tonight mostly just to think about how stupid I am and how fucked up the people I associate with are.

  4. had thanksgiving dinner tonight – my niece came in from boston and stuffed myself silly.

    im dying to see the new bond movie – the last one was – in my humble opinion – one of the best bond films ever.  which is ironic since i had really low expectations of craig (who is total hotness).

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