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I like these. If you do not, let me know.

If you can watch the wwhhhoooole thing, you get a lollypop.

This is the “Oy!”. For crying out soft, won’t you please just get on with it!

Yeesh. That totally freaked me out. Almost makes me not want Hillary in as SoS.

But then there are so many good reasons for her in the position.

Oh Christopher. Haven’t seen you in a while. I remember when you supported the bush doctrine and then you humiliated yourself on national tv. Glad to see you back, douchbag.

So many tubes so little time.  


  1. Why anyone pays any attention to what he says is beyond me. And, I’m not against him because of his anti-religious stances. I happen to agree with much of what he says there, I’d just say it differently.

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