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Traitorous Bastards

Al-Qaeda’s #2, Ayman Zawahiri, released a video today blasting President Elect Obama and calling him “dishonorable” and refering to him with racial epithets.

Wait, I thought they would be dancing in the streets? (a sincere Fuck You, you miserable traitorous bastard, Congressman King – ed).

Oh, and Rush Limbaugh – you sick anti-American slimeball – thanks for the mention that Obama looks like Ayman Zawahiri.

Wait, I thought that Al-Qaeda was praying for Obama win? (special trans-continental ‘piss-off’ to John Howard – ed)  


OK, so you turned out to be wrong.  


Misguided, maladroit, ignorant, foolish, mean-spirited, hateful, stupid, asinine, uninformed, mentally inflexible, dim witted, slow, pathetic, crude, disgusting and vile.

All of those things are forgivable.  I forgive you all for your dip-shittedness.

But each of you – and all of those who outright accused a candidate for President of the United States of being favorable to the actions and ideals of the toilet-scrapings who sent airplanes into our buildings – I accuse you all of treason to the very foundational concepts of this country.  You are all traitors to every person who has fought in word or in deed for the freedoms we enjoy.  You are traitorous pond-scum not worthy of breathing the air of a single soldier who has risked his life to protect the sanctity of our Constitution, you should not be permitted to disfigure the landscape viewed by a single protester who has exercised the responsibility of questioning injustice to achieve equality.

You accuse a man of the most vile intents possible because of his father’s religion.  Because of the name his parents gave him.  Because he is “not like us”.


All people can change.  Redemption is not a religious act it is the gift that free people give to those who see the folly of their previous ways, recant and beg the forgiveness of those who have been mistreated.  Rush, King, Howard – you and all of your McCarthyist colleagues need to beg for forgiveness.  Not from me, from the people of your countries and the people of the world.  

Ironically, the person who should be least likely to forgive you – Barack Hussein Obama – probably already has.  Is that because he is “The Messiah”?  Because he is the “Second Coming of Jesus Christ”?


But he sure follows the teachings of the first one better than you.


  1. xerocky

    Steve King said:

    “”I reject [McCain’s] disavowal and I reject the Democrat web pages that call me the names that they have,” King said. “I’d ask them to point to the quote that I have said that offends them. And if I am wrong, Geraldo, and we elect Obama to the presidency and he declares defeat, if they don’t dance in the streets, I will come and apologize to you and everybody in America. But I’m saying, I’m right.”

    The important words are “AND DECLARES DEFEAT“, which because he hasn’t taken office yet, he couldn’t have done. When Obama takes office, he’s either going to piss off all of the people who voted for him because of his “let’s get out of Iraq asap stance” which he’ll almost surely flip flop on, or he’ll somehow stick to his word and pull us out of there at which point they will in fact dance in the streets.

    I don’t think that the point was that they would instantly be happy, and in fact Obama hasn’t even been sworn in as of yet.

  2. xerocky

    it’s meant that if he had held to his first assessment of Iraq. Obviously things have changed in Iraq, and for the better, and it’s because the reciprocal of Obama’s ideas were implemented.

    Now, depending on how things go, we could be out of there by 2011. If things are good on the ground, then great. Al Qaeda won’t be dancing in the streets because they’ll be dead and banished from public life in the new Iraq. If that happens then yes, Limbuagh et al were “wrong”, but not because of anything to do with Obama, or his stance at the time of the statements they made. Let’s be clear, the success in Iraq has zero to do with the president elect and everything to do with Bush and the surge.

    So if that happens in 2 years, will “the left” collectively say “good job” to Bush, and apologize for publicly admitting that they fanaticize about his untimely death? (not all have, but many for sure) (do you really want to talk about ‘treason’? Please!)

    If we had done what Obama would have had us do, there would have been genocide in Iraq, and we would have lost the country for good. So let’s try to keep these comments that you’ve called ‘traitorous’ in perspective, and not assume that it’s simply because of his name that they said what they’ve said, and rather they were taking him at his own publicly stated policy.

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