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Mooses Unite! Moosie Tubing

I thought that Andrea Mitchell’s sources on the SOS appointment were high level Obama aids. I was a bit surprised to see a bit of a turn on Matthews and Olbermann. They need to wrap this appointment up now.

For your entertainment pleasure I offer the strange world of Mooses

and other fractured fairy tales.

International news at the top of the hour.

Startling business news!

Now for the weather update.

Ah and here is one for the kiddies.

I just loves me some Onion



  1. spacemanspiff

    Kos is great at fundraising and getting the troops pumped up….

    but dude SUCKS (as in SUCKS) as a pundit, analyst, and “expert”.

    He’s clearly middle of the pack on his own frontpage.

    MeteorBlades is the man.

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