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  1. anna shane

    The pugs are so silly, like the Russians before they got rich on oil and after, they are just spinning, if you don’t notice you’ve lost maybe no one else will?  

  2. spacemanspiff



    Of course. I’ve also noticed he’s suddenly no a sexist arrogant jerk.

    Looks like he saw what a punchline he’d become. I’m glad he reevaluated his

    comments and his whole persona.

    He’s been on a tear lately.

    Kudos for that.

    Still don’t watch unless he’s got really good guests or I’m really bored.

    2 hours of politics on TV ( Keith and Rachel) is good enough for me.

    I have to fit in my daily dose of cartoons you know!


    He was a Democrat before he had to switch to Independent per MSNBC policy.  I think he was trying to be ‘fair’ before, by which I mean allowing equal time for truth and bullshit.  But these days, ratings follow pundits on the left so he doesn’t have to put up with the BS anymore.  He’s much more fun to watch now.

  4. Jjc2008

    the Clintons as people, not just as politicians, back in the 1990s.  Like most of the Irish Catholic elite that have taken over MSNBC due to Jack Welch, Matthews has screamed judgmental, obnoxious, holier than thou sanctimony.

    Matthews STILL has a serious Reagan worship issue.  I don’t care what he says about who he voted for, he deems Reagan an American hero.  He has trashed Hillary for voting “for Iraq” (which is a simplified spin of reality), but never once have he or his ilk take Reagan to task for the support of Pinochet in Chile, the support of the death and torture squads of Guatemala.

    The Reagan administration ARMED and gave money to the “rebels” of Afghanistan in the 1980s.  Those rebels were led by a man named Osama bin Laden.  We armed them and encouraged them and our CIA trained them…then we left them with all the power, the money and the opportunity to enact fundamentalism in its most violent ways against the women and children there.

    And yet Matthews demonized Hillary Clinton for one or two votes, votes taken AFTER her constituents were attacked.

    No matter how much Matthews stands up to the republicans NOW, I cannot and will not forgive his misogyny, and his blatant bias.

    I will not forgive his praise of George W (“he has a sunny nobility”) while calling those of us who did not like W, “whackos” on the left.

    I will not forgive his talks with his buddy Tom Delay and hearing both of them (thinking their mics were off) talk trash like two adolescent boys about Hillary and how men could never put up with HER.

    I will not get past Matthews constant trashing of Al Gore as boring, as unappealing to women, as “Clinton’s bath tub ring.”

    Sorry, Matthews does not rock for me…not even a little bit.

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