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Do Democrats really eat their own?

One political belief I’ve run across for years is that the reason the Democrats have trouble holding onto power is that they are continually fighting amongst themselves. I usually dismissed this claim as one more exaggeration promulgated by the MSM and Republicans. The events of the last year have caused me to rethink the whole issue.

There is no doubt that the primary wars were bitter and divisive. It wasn’t surprising, given how competitive the battle was right up until the end. Surprisingly enough, the party managed to pull together by election day, except for a few splinter groups. This was a big disappointment to the news media and an even bigger disappointment to the Republicans.

As an outsider, I’m an independent voter, the quick recovery of the Democratic coalition after the primaries convinced me that infighting among the Dems was an over-hyped myth. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Less than 24 hours after Obama’s victory, the Democrats started to turn on each other. Gay marriage supporters are ready to push the African-American portion of the party out the door. Now, feminists and Hillary supporters want to put Ted Kennedy in a car and push him into a pond. It seems he’s a petty, vindictive, misogynistic a**hole. Who will be next?

Is anyone hungry? It seems we are beginning to eat our own.

I really thought we were better than this. There is a country to rebuild, wars to end, a world on the brink, and all anyone wants to do is turn on their own. No wonder I’m still an independent.