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Do Democrats really eat their own?

One political belief I’ve run across for years is that the reason the Democrats have trouble holding onto power is that they are continually fighting amongst themselves. I usually dismissed this claim as one more exaggeration promulgated by the MSM and Republicans. The events of the last year have caused me to rethink the whole issue.

There is no doubt that the primary wars were bitter and divisive. It wasn’t surprising, given how competitive the battle was right up until the end. Surprisingly enough, the party managed to pull together by election day, except for a few splinter groups. This was a big disappointment to the news media and an even bigger disappointment to the Republicans.

As an outsider, I’m an independent voter, the quick recovery of the Democratic coalition after the primaries convinced me that infighting among the Dems was an over-hyped myth. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Less than 24 hours after Obama’s victory, the Democrats started to turn on each other. Gay marriage supporters are ready to push the African-American portion of the party out the door. Now, feminists and Hillary supporters want to put Ted Kennedy in a car and push him into a pond. It seems he’s a petty, vindictive, misogynistic a**hole. Who will be next?

Is anyone hungry? It seems we are beginning to eat our own.

I really thought we were better than this. There is a country to rebuild, wars to end, a world on the brink, and all anyone wants to do is turn on their own. No wonder I’m still an independent.


  1. NavyBlueWife

    One of the things that most disturbs me is the cannibalism of Democrats.  I yell and scream about the inflamed rhetoric of Sarah Palin with her invocation of “radical”, “terrorist”, “Muslim” stump speeches.  Quickly throwing out charges using inflaming labels and accusations against our own only FEEDS the trolls and Republicans.  Part of the goal of bringing on Palin was to encourage this kind of Democrat cannibalism.  Thankfully, it didn’t work, but that’s only because Palin was so terribly awful as a candidate.  Had she been a more qualified Republican woman, we may have been up shit creek because of this cannibalism.

    Progress through politics.  Let’s have real debates on the issues, but let’s be extremely careful when DEFINING the issues.

    Labels and generalizations are so dangerous.  Black and white thinking is also very dangerous.  Blacks and mormons cannot be categorized on the whole as discriminating against gays.  The broadest generalization I can make in that category is that the voters of Yes on Prop 8 voted for legalized discrimination.

    Think about 2000.  All we heard about was how Democrats were morally corrupt, had no faith, and lacked in family values.  A small portion of voters in exit polling said that family values were high on their list, and then the MSM made that the MAIN ISSUE for 8 YEARS!  I was disgusted by it.  Let’s be careful to define the debate appropriately, especially among our own.  Progress people!

  2. psychodrew

    Gay marriage supporters are ready to push the African-American portion of the party out the door.

    This is going both ways.  Gay marriage supporters weren’t the ones who get left behind on Tuesday night.

  3. rfahey22

    The Republicans are also engaging in infighting right now – I’m not sure which side has it worse.  Each constituency wants its issue to be at the forefront of the agenda, so some of it is to be expected.

  4. Stella

    President-elect Barack Obama has informed Senate Democrats that he wants Joe Lieberman to continue caucusing with the party in the 111th Congress, Senate Democratic aides tell the Huffington Post.

    I know a lot of people want Lieberman out-I hated seeing him dutifully standing behind McCain and nodding while he ripped Obama. And he did it so often, he was like McCain’s travel-buddy. However, this is probably best for Obama’s message of unity and bipartisanship.

  5. alyssa chaos

    thats why I hate politics.

    A little off topic:

    Im surprised by all the shit hitting the fan recently. All of a sudden the progressive blogosphere doesn’t seem so progressive.

    alyssa’s topics that cause ‘major shit hitting fan’ convo’s:

    1. gay marriage.

    2. Immigration [overlaps with racism in some cases]

    3. Racism.

    4. Sexism.

    Having a convo about immigration on kos [!?] and Im really saddened by some of the not-so progressive comments. Also really taken back by the shit that went down on Mydd about gay marriage the other day.  

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