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Definition of Moosers? Weekend Thread…

In order to define the Moosers I used the following definition while commenting in a MyDD diary.

Like MyDDers, Moosers (if I can use that word) are a bunch of diverse, esoteric, eccentric individuals.…

I should have added “wonderful and talented” to the adjectives. So what is your definition of Moosers or how you would like to be defined as?

So what are you doing this weekend? Keep plugging us in to your weekend routine..


  1. People that post on mydd. At least, that’s what I’m seeing right now. I just visited there to see the thread you posted and found plenty of moose posting there. I guess they prefer that to our little patch of woods.

  2. sricki

    moosers or mooses or mooseketeers or what? Or all of the above? I like “mooses”. I know it’s totally wrong, but I like the way it sounds.

  3. NavyBlueWife

    I like Moosekateers too…

    Just think though…of all that could be written about here–either in comments or postings–with all that energy that we devote to MyDD and to responding to trolls and moose-haters…

    Seems like we took one giant leap forward on Tuesday for humankind, and we are running around in circles right now with the blogosphere…hamster wheel anyone?

    I wasn’t part of the flame wars, primary wars, whatever–never really understood, but I am already sick of it.  I don’t get it as a new reader/new blogger.  What’s the point of this “sibling” rivalry?

    I’d like to be progressive about where I post and what I post.  I like this neck of the woods the best.  Let the trolls have their fun somewhere else.  I don’t need to feed/flame them.

    (I expect flames of my own for this one….)

  4. KLRinLA

    Oh wait that’s just me. Buuuuurrrrrrp.  Wait did I just say that. I mean, reasonable people and stuff like tha..burrp.  mmmm a taco!

  5. louisprandtl

    Obi-One —-Chris Blask

    Luke Skywalker —- Spaceman

    ——- Fill in your cast 😉

    The question is who is Darth Vader?

  6. fogiv

    We are gay/straight/old/young/boy/girl/man/woman/black/white/red/brown/yellow/moderate/liberal/conservative/sane/crazy/serious/goofy/happy/sad/dark/light. More or less.  We are all, or we are nothing. That’s what a Moose is (to me).

    MyDD is a mess, Trolls coming out of the woodwork.  The attacks on Brit’s diary were disgraceful.  There was a time during the height of the primary wars when I was actually embarrassed by the level of sludge bubbling there.  It that’s time again, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

    • sricki

      You go to “My Moose” and then go to “comments”. Then under that there’s a “recent replies” option. But it’s not like it is on MyDD/DKos, and honestly, I really dislike it. I have complained about it for awhile. Oh well.

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