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Rahm Emanuel

I am very please to see President-elect Obama choose Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Republicans are already squealing their fear and protestation, but this only solidifies my respect for President-e Obama. He needs a savvy, scrappy, bare knuckle kind off COS to play bad cop to President-e Obama’s good cop.

Rahm served under Clinton and has been an Advisor and now a Congressman for almost twenty years. I really am for bipartisanship, but the Reagan era is over. I want to see true cooperation for the benefit of the country and her citizens, not the corporations and the wealthy elite.

This choice gives me more assurance that President-e Obama understands the extreme nature of politics in Washington, DC. and that he is ready to stand toe to toe with the forces against him.


  1. semiquaver

    Rahm’s my congressman.  So now that asshole Blagojevich gets to pick all my national representation except for Durbin, AND voters rejected the measure that would allow him to be recalled.  But I suppose having two Illinois politicians in the white house can’t be bad for my state.

  2. rfahey22

    They expect us to govern like pushovers and essentially let them control things, which is why they are freaking out about every little decision these days.

  3. …I plan to read everything I can about (at least) the high-profile choices, since I just woke up to politics this past year.  After some research, I agree; I think this shows that Obama wants to get something done.  

    Boehner may whine, but I was surprised to see that Graham was willing to work with Emmanuel.  I remain a bit wary of the Graham endorsement’s true intentions, but am cheered by the its public nature.    

  4. spacemanspiff

    I loved me some Gibbs during the campaign season.

    Axelrod as senior adviser. Obama is putting together a bad ass team.

    No wimps in the White House.

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