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So how are you feeling tonight??

Which TV channel are you watching and what are you drinking? I’m switched on to the BBCAmerica and watching Ted Koppel and Larry Sabato. Thinking whether to get a glass of Tanqueray with tonic or with Bloody Mary mix…

NYTimes have a remarkable interactive website to capture the nation’s mood..…

Enjoy the Obama-McCain Dance Face off video while enjoying the drink…


  1. Kysen

    and nervous.

    and excited.

    and fearful.

    and hopeful.

    and a wee bit confused by all the races and how they are being counted/decided.

    but, mostly I feel drunk.


  2. NavyBlueWife

    or whatever with Tom Cruise.  I can’t stand him anymore

    But on an AWESOME note, the new Bond movie will be out just in time for my birthday!  And Brit said that if there’s a landslide, I get a hot date with Daniel Craig.


  3. KLRinLA

    meh… taste like cold.  I will crack a brew in a few (Bohemia), but I have to do some real work tomorrow and I have to pace myself or I’ll get too excited, and by excited I mean shitfaced

  4. One defining life as starting so early it could outlaw some birth control, the other my wine – er – mind has already forgotten.

    But the point is, the culture wars are being won by…

    wait for it…


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