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Presidential Election Thread – MSNBC calls the Election!!!!!

This will be a thread for compiling election results in the Presidential race.

Add observations you find in the comments and they will be reflected in this diary.

Obama won 63% of the voters nationwide who were concerned about Iraq.  Who wins the Commander in Chief debate, you say?

Poll Closing Time Map

EV Count, CNN:  Obama – 207    McCain – 135

EV Count, FOX:  Obama – 220    McCain – 141

EV Count, MSNBC:  Obama – 207    McCain – 142

8:30 – CNN – NH for Obama

8:33 – MSNBC – AL for McCain

8:35 – MSNBC – GA for McCain

8:42 – CNN calls PA for Obama

9:00 – CNN – WI, MN, RI, for Obama

9:00 – CNN – ND, WY – for McCain

9:22 – CNN Ohio goes for Obama!!!!!!!!!

9:31 – CNN – NM called for Obama

11:00 – everyone calls VA for Obama

MSNBC calls the Election!!!!!

5:45pm ET –

so far among voters who said terrorism was their top concern, McCain got 86% of the vote. Fortunately, this was only about 9% of voters


6:00pm ET – CNN – Indiana and Kentucky: still waiting…

6:46pm ET – Indiana is 51/48 for Obama with 2% of the vote in.  If Indiana goes for Obama, I predict all else will be good.

Guam Straw Poll:

The results: Obama:  20,120; McCain:  11,940.  This may be significant because Bush won the straw poll in 2000 and 2004.

7:00pm ET – CNN – Kentucky for McCain, Vermont for Obama

7:45 – CNN – South Carolina for McCain

8:00 – Obama takes MA, IL, CT, NJ, NY, ME(3), DE, MD, DC

McCain – OK, TN

8:10 – McCain underperforming Bush in FLA.

McCain HQ Election Party: “Stoic” CNN


  1. sricki

    that so far among voters who said terrorism was their top concern, McCain got 86% of the vote. Fortunately, this was only about 9% of voters. Only 36% of voters who said Iraq was their top issue (10% of voters) voted for McCain. Ouch!

    Oh no, RUDY is on CNN! That devil.  

  2. ragekage

    But I don’t trust exit polls worth a damn. Certainly not at these levels (67/33 in Indiana, for example). Ten minutes until the first polls close.

  3. psychodrew

    It reminds me of when they called Florida for Gore in 2000 and said, “Oh, Bush’s path to the presidency is narrow now.”

  4. Clinton county Indiana has 87% reporting. The results are 56% to 43% in favor of McCain. This county went for Bush over Kerry 71%-28%. It’s over. Break out the champagne.  

  5. louisprandtl

    VA getting interviewed…just said..”it doesn’t look good for us..”…hah…VA is gone baby gone..

  6. sricki

    just called my mom. My parents aren’t even watching the election because they don’t want to see themselves lose as badly as they’re expecting to lose.

    They’re watching Walker, Texas Ranger instead. Too funny.

  7. sricki

    SHOCKER! My hick neighbors elected the pug! No way! He also gets Wyoming.

    Obama takes Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Michigan…

  8. CNN just called it for Mitch McConnell. I’m hoping that the networks are wrong about ND and GA. I really wanted to see NC and GA go to Obama.

    On another note, Hagan’s win over Dole was great.

  9. NavyBlueWife

    looks orange.  I wonder if he is using Cindy McCain’s makeup artist?

    Keith Olbermann has a pink tie.  I like pink ties.

  10. I remember 2004 as if it were yesterday. This will not wipe out those memories, but it sure does soften the pain somewhat.

    My son just made an astute comment. With all of the problems the country is facing, Obama is probably thinking, “What have I got myself into?” And McCain is probably thinking, “Whew, I sure lucked out.”

    Little self-congratulatory pat on the bag for me. I called the race at 7:08 EST when I saw the earliest results from IN. I called VA almost 2 hours ago. I think I should apply for a job on CNN.  

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