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Obama 351, McCain 187

(Crossposted at Clintonistas for Obama)

Three Blue Guys have run a database of electoral college projections.  Forty-five prognosticators have given their final projections.  I averaged the 45 Obama projections and the 45 McCain projections, and this is the average of how people see it:

Obama 351

McCain 187

All prognosticators among the 45 foresaw an Obama win.

Obama’s numbers range from a low of 286 to a high of 396.  The most common projection was 353.  Only four prognosticators among the 45 saw Obama’s electoral vote count below 300; 41 projected Obama at greater than 300 electoral votes.

McCain’s numbers ranged from a low of 142 to a high of 252.  The most common projection was 185. A total of 13 prognosticators among the 45 saw McCain’s electoral vote count at 200 or more electoral votes; 32 projected McCain would garner fewer than 200 electoral votes.


  1. NavyBlueWife

    I saw Rove’s map last night that had him up by 357 or something like that…

    Thanks DCDem!  I have a renewed fondness for polls thanks to you!

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