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Ron Paul: President of Montana

No, not really, but according to the PPP poll released very early this morning Ron Paul is pulling about 4% that John McCain might otherwise get.


The effect of the “Ron Paul Force Pull” might be enough to turn Montana tomorrow.

Barack Obama 48

John McCain 47

Ron Paul 4

It looks like the race for President in Montana is a complete tossup. What’s less clear is that it can be attributed to Ron Paul’s spot on the ballot in the state.

Paul is actually pulling equally from Democrats and Republicans- getting 2% of each of their votes- while polling at 9% with independents.

Obama has the slightest of leads based on his standing with two key groups: independents and voters under 30. With the former he has a 48-40 advantage. With the latter he is up 54-41.

Like in many states, the contest in Montana is going to come down to election day turnout. Among those who say they have already cast their ballots in the state, Barack Obama has built up a 61-35 lead. Among those planning to vote on Tuesday John McCain has a 53-40 advantage. The extent to which those folks follow through is likely to be the deciding factor in who takes the state.

Get out the Big Sky Country Vote!  If Ron Paul helps Obama steal Montana, maybe we can make him honorary President of Montana!  We’ll throw in an Elk-hide cape and Crazy Scepter!


  1. spacemanspiff

    Montana is such a huge chunk of the map.

    Seeing that blue will make the wingnuts go batshit (more than usual)!

    I’m loving it.

    I love Paul’s stance on weed. So it’s all good in the hood.

    Ron Paul is my homie.

  2. NavyBlueWife

    had the sweetest tricked out limo I have ever seen when he was in Chicago’s Grant Park for a rally…lots of people walked down Michigan Avenue in support of him.  I was intrigued, but never enough to find out about him.  I support some sort of power for Ron Paul…if he can lord over Palin and keep her in check.  I think she needs her own major watchdog force…

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