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Don’t Bite Your Hoofs – An Invitation to all Mooses

Moose are calm herbivorous creatures. Except in rutting season we don’t fret. Despite what the would-be Republican Vice President thinks of us, we usually remain aloof and majestic.

But the next few days will be a challenge to us. There are so many things to do…

Some of us are putting up Yard signs

Others are doing door to door canvassing…

Or trying to persuade undecideds…

Or helping with transport and GOTV…

But some of us might get a bit skittish while we wait for news.

You can understand why!

But don’t feel like a victim…

Whatever happens over the next few days, one thing is for sure: it’s the end of the George W. Bush Epoch Fail, and the Moose will be celebrating by doing a post election series of diaries: Great Disasters of the Bush Years 2000-2008.

Bull Fogiv was the inspiration, but this is an invitation for EVERYONE and ANYONE – regular diarists, occasional commentators, shy retiring silent types – you’re all  welcome to come up with your own favorite disaster of the outgoing adminstration from whatever perspective – economic, social, military, pretzel.

There are no shortage of topics. Here are just a few: Kyoto, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Guantanomo… as you well know, the list goes on.

So get your horns down, stop biting those hoofs and put them on the keyboard. Let’s celebrate the end of these eight years with the full tragicomedy of errors. George Bush: Epoch Fail. Let’s put it to bed fellow Mooses.  


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