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Today, I Voted.


And gosh but it felt good!

At 101 Washington Street, Sarasota, Florida, my neighbor and I cast our votes for Barack Obama today.  Just east of the intersection there is a spot where four cars can park on the side of the street, all three of the others parked in front and behind us also had Obama stickers on them.

The experience was very smooth and the staff and volunteers was very helpful. Christine Jennings – two more for you.  Gay Marriage constitutional amendment?  Two “no”s for you.

Tomorrow Obama is giving a speech here in Sarasota.  I will be going to volunteer prep tonight and will fill you all in on the event tomorrow.  If Sarasota goes Blue, Florida goes blue.  If Florida goes blue, we all can party hearty next Tuesday night.



  1. So Kysen’s video was premature. Well done.

    I can’t vote, but my son is now on the ground in Pennsylvania, helping to get out the vote, so I’m doing the best I can

    Congratulations Chris, and three cheers for democracy.  

  2. Reaper0bot0

    I like to go on Election Day.  I like the crowds.  I enjoy getting a feel for how things are going.

    But good for you.

  3. dtox

    I can only cheer from the sidelines. I can definitely party next Tuesday though, if you manage to tilt Florida.

  4. semiquaver

    I can only hope it expands even further in the coming years.  I voted two weeks ago, without even having planned to, as I just happened across an early voting site and I had five minutes to spare.  The process in Chicago is now completely computerized; residents can vote anywhere in the city up to 3 weeks early.  I’m quite wary of E-voting, but I have to admit that having thousands of early voting booths in everyday locations like the supermarket would revolutionize the process and dramatically increase turnout.  Combine that with simultaneous registration, and 80% rates aren’t a stretch.  

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