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A Little Thing We Can Do – Show Blue

I had been trying to think of something that everyone could do – no special expense – just a way to encourage all of us as we wait for next Tuesday. 

My husband and I are travelling and voted early in Indiana (OBAMA-in case you wondered) – and thus feel a little tense as we wait for the rest of you to catch up with us.  So we decided to encourage everyone to WEAR BLUE as often as possible between now and the close of the polls.

And put blue signs in your car windows – home windows – wherever – we made our own.  Imagine if there were a flood of blue shirts at the stores, gas stations, churches – it would begin to be noticeable that we are joined together.

We have two slogans so far.  Obama True – Wear Blueand Any hue as long as its blue. If you like our idea – join in and share with others. It's fun – it's positive andblue looks good on everyone. 



    As soon as I get my laundry done.  I’ve got 5 Obama T-Shirts but they’re all in the wash.

    OT but here’s something annoying:  My local paper endorsed McCain this morning.  I called and left a messaged cancelling my subscription and said it was because of the endorsement.  I hope they call me back so I can expand on why their endorsement proves they care little about our town and our rural area of Colorado.    

  2. NavyBlueWife

    We have a bright blue “smurf” mobile as I call our car.  We have tons of Obama stickers on our cars and 3 yard signs (that haven’t been stolen!!!)  Blue is such a nice, calm color.  Red is so angry.  Kind of befitting of this campaign season!

  3. sricki

    and will be no trouble for me, as my closet is full of blue — my favorite color, really. I won’t even have to do laundry!

  4. spacemanspiff

    I collect sneakers and I’m crazy with the blue.

    Baby blue.

    Bright blue.

    I’ve even been rocking the neon blue.

    Not very original with my favorie color choice.

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