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I think that this is one of Obama’s best ads of the general election campaign.

Why is John McCain getting so desperate?  From


Conmpare this to October 26, 2004:


I have to say that I am actually beginning to feel sorry for Senator McCain.  He is running a nasty campaign of which he cannot be proud, Republicans have begun to flock to Obama, others are calling on the RNC to give up and fund GOP Senate races, and his own running mate has started going her own way.

To be sure, McCain dug his own hole.  After standing up to the right wing in 2000, he sold his soul in 2008 to get the nomination.  Rather than running an honorable campaign from the center, he chose a right-wing running mate to excite the base.  Now that his policies have alienated the independents that used to admire him, the independents that he needs for victory, he is trying to drive up turnout among the GOP base and frighten off undecided voters with a campaign of fear.

But this isn’t the John McCain that I respected for standing up the “agents of intolerance” in 2000. This isn’t the John McCain who opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 because they disproportionately benefitted the wealthy.  This isn’t the John McCain that bucked popular opinion and supported the surge.  And this isn’t the John McCain who stood up to the nativists in his own party to work on a bipartisan immigration bill.  He has become a tragic shell of that man.  And that is the tragedy of his candidacy.  

I only hope that the John McCain we used to respect will see that his campaign is poisoning our politics in the way the Republicans did in 2002 and 2004, assaulting the patriotism of the Democratic candidates and raising the specter of gay marriage to excite the GOP base. As someone who genuinely used to respect Senator McCain, I hope that his “come to Jesus” moment comes in time to prevent this campaign from becoming his legacy.


  1. rfahey22

    But he continues to hit below the belt even though it clearly isn’t working and it won’t change the outcome.  He doesn’t seem interested in losing with dignity, and so it is hard for me to sympathize.

    I do like the ad – it’s a bit meta for a negative ad to complain about negative ads.  I’m looking forward to the network event.

  2. …sold his independent soul to activate a right wing base, a base not big enough these days to ensure victory, and one – as Palin has proved – ready to stab him in the back when defeat ensues.

  3. Hollede

    He had to know what he was doing when he supported bush. He has continued this bad judgement by choosing Palin as his running mate. What has he done shows he really doesn’t care about the future of our country.

  4. spacemanspiff

    … to building his reputation ( 7 decades worth of that) in 8 months.

    The only way he can save his ass is if he does the bipartisan thing and helps out Barack in the White House. That’s the only chance he’s got at reparing someof his tarnished image.

    He’s spazzing.

    Why would any sane person go there?

    Calling Obama a communist.

    Calling him a terrorist.

    That’s what he’s implying without actively saying it.

    Who the hell acts like that? That’s some crazy shit.

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