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Dear Mom and Dad,

I don’t know if you will get this letter. I am not sure if anything is getting through anymore. The fighting has been bad and we have lost too many good soldiers over these past few months.

Brit has organized the EU nations against the terrible threat, and they are fighting the enemy effectively and very bravely. Brit has in fact sent his precious son into enemy lines.

I fear for my friend Stipes. I have not heard from him in so long. My greatest hope is that he is well. I had been worried about Canadian Gal, but I heard across the tubes that she is winning some major battles. Spacemanspiff, my brother in arms, has inflicted massive damage on the ground troops. All of my fellow warriors, Sricki, Ragekage  

Most of the tubes are functioning, but have been severely infiltrated by thugs and trolls. Our side has been leading almost all of the battles over the past two years, but the enemy is very tenacious and remains a serious threat



alyssa chaos






sanguine giant