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The American Dream of a Sleepy Brit

Being new to this diary malarkey, I figure I should introduce myself. I’m an 18 year old, the son of Moose Brit, and am currently in the USA working with Clean Tech for Obama.

It’s been two weeks, three days, and twenty three hours since I stepped off one of the fastest trans-atlantic flight I’ve ever been on (thank you Virgin) and onto American soil, to help in any way possible Barack Obama get elected.

Well not quite. I first had to brave the longest, most illegal immigration line in history. First off, a guy who didn’t speak a word of English had obviously not realised he needed to fill in Visa forms. Cue a would-be-funny-if-my-body-didn’t-think-it-was-3am moment where the immigration officer tried to explain to him what he had to do by pointing to the Russian language form, obviously without being able to speak a word of English.

Next, an elderly Asian woman tried to get into the country using only very bad English, and… her drivers license. I kid you not. She was promptly carted off to some anonymous grey room where she was probably hired as a Visa form writer, considering how confusingly they’re worded.

Anyway, after this rather strange welcome to the US, I hopped in a cab an arrived pretty quickly arrived at the apartment where I would be staying. I got out, paid the driver, walked up and rang the buzzer. No answer.

So, there I was. An



  1. Kysen

    I love Cliffhangers!

    Looking forward to the next installment.  😉

    Thank you for your time and efforts, you are, quite literally, going to be a part of history. Tres cool, eh?

    Hope you are having a blast.

  2. dtox

    Pfft! Try travelling on a Pakistan passport as a 20-something year old male. I’ll show you long waits and strange welcomes!

  3. ReillyDiefenbach

    If anyone requires some airport reading, I commend to one and all a paperback edition by the estimable Robert Harris, entitled “Ghost,” on the racks now.  It’s about a ghostwriter brought in at the last minute to rewrite the memoir of a fictive former British Prime Minister closely resembling Tony Blair, the original ghostwriter having fallen or been pushed off the Martha’s Vineyard ferry.  It turns out that the P.M. has been revealed by a conscience-pricked former minister to have approved the kidnapping and rendition of several terrorism suspects. The publisher’s Vineyard house changes from a comfortable place to write to a hideout as the possibility looms of the Blair character being dragged before the World Court, to which the U.S. is not a signatory.  Beautifully written as always, featuring some choice literary cracks in the early chapters, and a page turner. Not a historical novel as usual with Harris, but it seems it was something he needed to get off his chest.  You can sense the anger.

  4. blinkeythefish

    Well, at least I’ve learnt my lesson: the save button doesn’t mean ‘save til later’, it basically means post. Stay tuned though, I’ll try not to leave it hanging for too long

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