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Obama’s and McCain’s Rallies: By the Numbers

Barack Obama stopped in Indiana today on his way to Hawaii to be with his ailing grandmother.  There were 35,000 Hoosiers who came out to see him.

Meanwhile, John McCain seems to be having a somewhat more difficult time generating turnout at his events:

Apparently McCain drew less than 500 people to a rally in suburban PA two days ago. Then he went to Western PA and flubbed the attack lines against John Murtha’s comments so that the sound bite was completely incoherent. On Monday he drew crowds of about 2000, then 15 people at an airport rally (yes, that is correct–no zeros), and then his third rally of the day was described as “sparsely attended.”


  1. alyssa chaos

    ‘sparsely attended’ is code for ‘fuck, there is absolutely no one here.’

    im not surprised though, how can anyone get excited for a hot mess of negativity. Can you come out of one of those McCain rallies feeling hopeful about the future, i suspect not.

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