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McCain’s Florida Woes

The Orlando Sentinel yesterday published a story about McCain’s campaign in Florida, a state where 11 of the last 12 polls have showed Barack Obama with a lead.


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An adviser to the McCain campaign has called the Florida operation the “most poorly run presidential campaign of the last 25 years. It’s truly Dukakis-like.”  The concerns Republicans are expressing in Florida strike a singularly unified theme.  Said one operative:

They have absolutely no strategy for winning. I see . . . no rhyme or reason to this campaign or its scheduling or its planning.

A co-chair of Bush’s Florida operation from 2004 observed:

I wish we were better organized.

Another Republican operative opined:

We need a 120-yard Hail Mary pass.

The article quotes one Republican operative as saying:

Who’s in charge? They’re flying this plane, and nobody’s in the cockpit.

As a counterpoint, The Sentinel describes the Obama campaign in Florida this way:

The Illinois senator has flooded Florida with more than 300 staffers and thousands of volunteers. He has opened about 50 offices and, in recent weeks, outspent McCain 3-to-1 on television advertising.

Florida has 27 electoral votes.


  1. Within 100 miles of Siesta Key (zip code 34242) there are currently scheduled:

    333 Obama events

    45 McCain events

    Obama has 1000 events scheduled withing 250 miles of here, which sums up most of Florida (that may just be the maximum number will display). will not show me more than 100 mile radius).

  2. Within 100 miles of 33010 (Miami to Naples to Port St. Lucie, includes West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale etc):

    Obama: 379 events

    McCain: 9

    100 mile radius from Daytona Beach (includes Orlando, Jacksonville)

    Obama: 258

    McCain: 17

    100 mile radius from Panama City (includes state capitol Tallahasee and Pensacola)

    Obama: 99

    McCain: 0

    Florida Keys:

    Obama: 7

    McCain: 0


  3. rfahey22

    I had to laugh at Scarborough yesterday when he was on one of the Sunday shows.  His advice for Obama was to quit campaigning in North Carolina and spend some time in OH and FL.  I guess he was completely oblivious to the fact that Obama plowed through a number of events in OH last week and was going to FL on Monday.  What a dolt.

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