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We Need to Take Bachmann Down

Just now on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Michelle Bachmann (R-Rep-MN) accused Barack Obama of being Anti-American.  You have to watch her rant for 7 minutes bringing up all the oldies while not mentioning one thing she would do for the hurting Americans out there.

She calls for a deep investigation into the “liberal” congress to find out who the “Anti-American” congress people are.

Watch this garbage.…

El Tinklenberg is her opponent, let’s get Bachmann the hell out of congress so we do not have to hear divisive bullshit any longer.


  1. sanguine giant

    (I spent the time making this picture and adding details about her FAIL! of a debate and how she is doing poorly in the race)

  2. Hollede

    Either Rachel Maddow or KO said that Tinklenberg has raised over $30,000 in the last couple of hours. Heh. I love these people, they make it so freaking easy for us.

  3. spacemanspiff

    (does that even make sense?)

    I can’ comment on this because I’d probably rant a ban worthy soliloquy (big word for spiff)…

    I’ll just say, is this ——- —- think she’s — —?

    Really? Go —- — —-while —– with and old cab smell.

    Fuck her.

  4. Neef

    Ms Bachmann is pushing back now, but in typical GOP fashion we get a denial instead of an apology. It seems she never said what she said. Ignore your lying eyes.

    I guess $640,000 of pissed-off liberal money will provoke a reaction from even the wingiest of nuts.

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