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Congresswoman Bachmann, you are doing it wrong…

I ditched lab a little early to relax.  I watched Hardball because I was bored.  Appearing was Congresswoman Bachmann, but before I get into that I have some Bachmann FAIL! for you.

So there was a debate in the 6th CD not too long ago and let me just say that she is a version of Palin.  I didn’t go but the summary I’ve read is very interesting.  She truly is a kissy monster:

“If the presidency would somehow go to Barack Obama, I would welcome him to the 6th District as well,” she said after the debate. “As a matter of fact, I would put my hand on his shoulder and give him a kiss if he wanted to.”

h/t to the Saint Cloud Times


Not only that but her performance at that debate is well, interesting:

Moments after Tinklenberg had said that he agreed with President Bush’s immigration reform package, which Bachmann opposed, and seconds after he had said the first thing that must be done “is to secure our borders,” Bachmann spoke.

“There is a stark contrast between us on the issue of immigration,” Bachmann said. “He says he opposes securing our borders …”

There was a murmur in the crowd, which mostly kept silent during the debate. A strange look of frustration crossed Tinklenberg’s face. Hadn’t he just said the United States must secure its borders?


The whole article is fairly interesting.  Especially where she calls Tinklenberg “a liberal” not I am a liberal and El Tinklenberg is no liberal.  In fact the only reason I went there to help out is too get rid of Michelle.  I would be in favor of primarying El if he won (and Bachmann wasn’t running for the republican nomination) just as a matter of principle.

So not only that but there have been some polls released (h/t to

from the Bacmann campaign (400 voters)

Bachmann: 44

Tinklenberg: 33

Anderson (IP): 8

Undecided: 15

and from the DCCC (400 voters)

Bachmann: 42

Tinklenberg: 38

Yeah, it is close.  So what did Bachmann do on Hardball:

This pic sums it up.

Yeah it is on dKos and else where.  They did a better job than I but I bring the FAIL!



  1. mean well and that you simply disagree.

    I picked up a WWII submarine novel at the airport this week (love those things).  The plot machinations involving Himmler’s purges following the failed attempt on Adolph’s life show the same cloying McCarthyist traits as th.  I know Nazi analogies are pure kryptonite to rational discourse, and I’m pretty sure the folks we are talking about aren’t planning to kill all the Jews, but the paranoid spirals of Purity Testing are not only similar but precisely the same as in such totalitarian regimes as those found in Berlin in 1944, Manila under the Marcos, Stalin’s USSR and the Dear Leader’s Pynongyang.

    As soon as you start questioning peoples’ loyalty you have eliminated any possibility of it.

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