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Pre-Debate Open Thread: Ice cold Kool-Aide and live video feed links inside!


Welcome to our last predebate Open Thread!

Stick around the Moose for good times later tonight.

I know we’ve got international lurkers (waves!) who would like to see the debate in real time…..

….. so the spacemanspiff ( only rockstars talk in third person) has provided live streaming video links!

Thanks for the page hits.

Have fun!




ABC (yahoo)

New York Times

Follow me for more, after the trip.


– Rachel Maddow:  “Pat is smart and funny and a lot of his views are incredibly toxic and weird, but he’s fun to talk to.”

Spaceman Spiff says:

I noticed that whenever I read an article that is informative my inner reading voice has a thick british accent. Same thing whenever I read car magazines.

My camera’s lens smells like crayons.

When you ask someone what the opposite of fire is, they usually say ice. So I was wondering, what if fire was a solid like ice and ice was in a flame form. Would the world end?

I like to pretend that all the hospital shows on TV actually take place in the same hospital, just on different floors.

The most fun word to type is “eraser” (try it a couple of times in a row).

Fuck you, cough. Fuck you straight to Hell. All I was doing was sleeping, minding my own mother fucking business, when you pounced with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. Jolted from my peaceful slumber into fits of hacking, I may have actually lost a few vital organs into the sink I was spitting into.

Then you had to go ahead and make me think I was feeling all right, waiting until I traipsed back down the hallway a little ways before hitting me again, causing me to double over and cough until I vomited Mountain Dew and Doritos all over the carpet.

I hate you, cough. Sure, I feel fine now. But now I’m wide awake, and it’s four thirty in the FUCKING MORNING.

I hope you die for what you’ve done to my floor and I.


You know. We are going to crush the GOP. I’ve been saying Obama is going to demolish McCain for months now so I’m not jinxing shit.

So, I was wondering how the lunatic fringe hate sites and their inhabitants are going to spin the historic loss.

This is a great list.


1. Obama was elected by centrists. His victory is not a validation of liberal policies.

2. We really wanted McCain to lose. He is not a real conservative.

3. Reagan got more electoral votes in 1984. This is not a mandate for Obama.

4. Wait until the 2010 midterm elections!!

5. We let Obama win so we could blame the economy on him.

Get out of your seats!


This is our moment.


Play that tune Mr.DJ!

Signed, Sealed and Delivered


  1. spacemanspiff

    I’ve been bored out of my mind for 3 debates now.

    If I wanted to hear talking points, I’d got to their websites.

    So I’m reading the live blog and responding to that while I do some other shit.

    Sexy Beast

  2. alyssa chaos

    im here in NM! oh fuck yeah. part of the Texans for Obama for New Mexico. [yes. we are that badass]

    Im doing data entry right now. [or at least thats what im supposed to be doing.]

    there’s alot of people in the office making calls right now. some hispanic congresswomen from California are here to do a round table;

    i wrote a diary; will post later when Im finally finished with all the shenanigans.

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