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Post Debate Thread

Amazing isn’t it. After only a few months in charge, Fabian Capello has taken the English national soccer team to a fourth consecutive victory in the World Cup qualifiers

Oops. Wrong thread

Amazing isn’t it. Over a year since the Netroots debate, we’ve now watched Obama debating probably over a dozen times. And this will be the last until he is elected President (touching my head here)

Obama seems to have grown in stature, cool and confidence. The talking points are pretty much the same, except of course the credit crunch. But it’s the air he exudes I think that is convincing more of the electorate – natural, relaxed, sincere and deep, but not too intense.

UPDATE – Obama wins Three out of Three according to all the polls

Unfortunately I can’t embed the code for coverlite though there is a link here

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Clicking this link will launch a new window. Let’s give it a whirl. I mean… It’s not like it’s the last debate.. Oh wait..

CNN COVERAGE: well the prechat is all about the economy and NOT Ayers, though that fat pompous republican geezer, whose name I chose to consign to vats of oblivion, said the most absurd thing.

I just need to be reassured that Bill Ayers won’t be made secretary of state for education.

Well, that’s one more conservative pundit for Obama

UPDATE – the Liveblogging happened on Covertitlive, consider this the post debate thread


  1. sanguine giant

    so tired, I ditched out on lab and canvassed for Franken today (hit over 100 houses, and left lit at over 400) [yay for working without food/drink for 12 hours].  I was in the cruel suburbs but got around a 40-30 ratio (Coleman leading) which is fairly good for where I was.

    I can’t watch (cable on the fritz) but I’ll be reading updates various places.

    BTW with some help from a buddy of mine I got up my RNC Victory fund number up to $1200.

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately I slave away in lab a lot then take days off and go knock on doors.

  2. Hollede

    McCain is being rude, interrupting, sarcastic and he still won’t look at Obama. And he keeps saying that he has confronted every horrible thing said at his rally’s. I think doing it once or twice is not the same as every time.

  3. on the Ayers question?  That was as strong and classy a rebuttal as I’ve heard all season.  “These are the people who I will surround myself with . . . .” brilliant.

    All week I thought his little challenge to McCain was all Bre’r Fox, don’t throw me in that briar patch . . . and here it is.  What a great answer.  “it says more about your campaign than it does about me.”  McCain seems petty and desperate.

    Next question: tell me about your VP.  Fish in a fuckin barrel.

    Slowly getting drunker . . . .

  4. …they’re basing this on a small sample of the yet undecided votes. By necessity, this does not reflect the majority he has.

    And the angry moment will be focused on

  5. Hollede

    Obama killed McCain. Gergen said that McCain won the first half but then got too emotional and angry for the last half

  6. Hollede

    analysis. They get it wrong most of the time. You can find a couple of gems here and there. I normally watch MSNBC but wanted to see the lines.

  7. writes:

    This becomes very doable for John McCain tonight. It becomes very doable.

    Memo to Erick: saying it once makes you seem confident-ish.  Repeating it does not.

  8. McCain called Hillary a few weeks ago – and Hillary says she’s talked to Obama several times about the economy. She really bigs him up – three for three.

    She doesn’t buy the ‘I’m not President Bush’ line – reminds us McCain voted for Bush 90 per cent of the time. Great job Hillary. Thanks

  9. Check out this magnificent sentence from

    Colin Powell showed off his hip-hop moves at an ‘Africa Rising’ celebration in London Tuesday, fueling speculation that the former secretary of state is about to endorse Barack Obama for president.

    The logical connection between the first and second clauses of that sentence . . . breathtaking.

    • spacemanspiff


      From Kos.

      CBS poll of undecided voters:

      Who won the debate?

      McCain (R) 22

      Obama (D) 53

      Shares your values

      Obama, Before the debate: 54

      Obama, After the debate: 63

      McCain, Before the debate: 53

      McCain, After the debate: 56



  10. NavyBlueWife

    just said on FOX NEWS that “with all due respect to senator mccain, his economics policies are just like president bush”

  11. GrassrootsOrganizer

    McCain ended up looking like an angry little obnoxious prick.    CNN had the split screen showing the other guy’s reaction and McCain was huffing, seething — like one of the CNN pundits said, it looked like a 90 minute study in anger management.  

    Interesting — the pundits, reacting to substance, gave it to McCain.  The people, imagining having to watch this dick for four years, veered hard towards Obama.  McCain came off as someone you really don’t want to have a beer with, not if you don’t want a chair broken over your head at some point later in the evening.  

    He reminded me of Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.  

  12. NavyBlueWife

    being asked about joe plumber…she said that obama was coherent on EVERY ISSUE, he’s 3 for 3, middle class families will be helped by Obama, tax system tilted away from job creation…no game changer…she sounded great and in charge…no false equivalence coming her way…obama provided steady, calm leadership…

  13. rfahey22

    It’s a little off-color, and for that I apologize:

    Michael Grunwald: I’ll tell you one thing: joe the plumber is laying some pipe tonight. Tonight is definitely going to be sacred for mrs. Wurtzelfarfegnugen.

  14. GrassrootsOrganizer

    It’s like he’s been spending too much time with Sarah or something.  He wandered around on a topic — at one point there he was talking about charter schools, then autism, then taxes or some shit —  I better just go get the quotes, they’ll be funnier.

  15. And I’m heading for bed. Night all. Thanks for tolerating my first attempt at live blogging. Frankly, I think it should be my last. Looking forward to some real Americans covering victory on election night

    sweet dreams

  16. GrassrootsOrganizer

     “She’s a reformer through and through. And it’s time we had that bresh of freth air (sic) — breath of fresh air coming into our nation’s capital and sweep out the old-boy network and the cronyism that’s been so much a part of it that I’ve fought against for all these years.

    She’ll be my partner.
    She understands reform. And, by the way, she also understands special-needs families. She understands that autism is on the rise, that we’ve got to find out what’s causing it, and we’ve got to reach out to these families, and help them, and give them the help they need as they raise these very special needs children.

    She understands that better than almost any American that I know. I’m proud of her.

    And she has ignited our party and people all over America that have never been involved in the political process. And I can’t tell how proud I am of her and her family.

    Her husband’s a pretty tough guy, by the way, too

    Make of that what you will.  

  17. GrassrootsOrganizer

    My kid, who was an intelligence specialist in Iraq ROARED at this

    McCain on Joe Biden

    “In Iraq, he had this cockamamie idea about dividing Iraq into three countries. We’re seeing Iraq united as Iraqis, tough, hard, but we’re seeing them. We’re now about to have an agreement for status of forces in Iraq coming up.”

    He said they actually study and discuss what a great idea that was — would have ended this horseshit years ago.  

  18. GrassrootsOrganizer

     Now, my old buddy, Joe, Joe the plumber, is out there. Now, Joe, Sen. Obama’s plan, if you’re a small business and you are able — and your — the guy that sells to you will not have his capital gains tax increase, which Sen. Obama wants, if you’re out there, my friend, and you’ve got employees, and you’ve got kids, if you don’t get — adopt the health care plan that Sen. Obama mandates, he’s going to fine you.

    Now, Sen. Obama, I’d like — still like to know what that fine is going to be, and I don’t think that Joe right now wants to pay a fine when he is seeing such difficult times in America’s economy.

    Sen. Obama wants to set up health care bureaucracies, take over the health care of America through — as he said, his object is a single payer system.

    If you like that, you’ll love Canada and England.  

    • Hollede

      Those are two guys I listen to on that station. Andrea isn’t that great on instant analysis. Her legacy is up these days. I hope we are seeing a coming indictment of Greenspan’s policies. Please, please let the days of mad deregulation and the “economy knows best” be over.

  19. GrassrootsOrganizer

     Hey, Joe, you’re rich, congratulations, because what Joe wanted to do was buy the business that he’s been working for 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week, and you said that you wanted to spread the wealth, but — in other words, take Joe’s money and then you decide what to do with it.

    Now, Joe, you’re rich, congratulations, and you will then fall into the category where you’ll have to pay a fine if you don’t provide health insurance that Sen. Obama mandates, not the kind that you think is best for your family, your children, your employees, but the kind that he mandates for you.

    That’s big government at its best.

  20. GrassrootsOrganizer

     Just again, the example of the eloquence of Sen. Obama. He’s health for the mother. You know, that’s been stretched by the pro-abortion movement in America to mean almost anything.

    That’s the extreme pro-abortion position, quote, “health.”  

  21. louisprandtl

    neither Obama nor McCain addressed proverty in America as an relevant issue. They addressed issues important to middle class, upper class but didn’t identify issues which are important to poor folks…

    Anybody else agree with this inference of TS?  

  22. sanguine giant

    going to ditch lab again tommorow, going to try to hit another 300 houses tomorrow.

    I had a good nap, read the reax and wow I am glad I slept.  To channel SmS.  This race is burnt (over) like a nice roll o’ dope.

    All that is left to do is keep working to make this election a complete landslide and get people like Merkley, Franken, Kleeb and Burner across the finish line.

    Off to bed, wish me luck tomorrow as I am going to do more work for Franken and Michelle Bachmann’s opponent. (I give a 40% chance of her not getting reelected.  I’d give Franken about a 50% chance of winning.

  23. sorry I missed all the fun, but it was nice to hear the results before I had to listen to this mush-mouth for 90 minutes.

    Right wing radio gave McCain a fail on the drive over here.  

    “McCain had to get Obama voters over to him, I didn’t see it.”

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