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McCain Campaign Says It’s Saving the Best for the Last

Marc Ambinder has been talking with contacts he maintains in the Republican campaign.  Apparently, as we might have anticipated if we gave it thought, there is a game plan for the last 10 days:

McCain advisers say they’re saving their best material for the last ten days of  the race, when, the campaign hopes, three quarters of the remaining undecided voters will make up their minds, and their minds will be concentrating on Barack Obama. When the urgency of the presidential election impresses itself, the hope is that these voters will swing back to the familiar, rather than the unknown.  The last ten days, according to a McCain aide, are when the “imponderables” come into play.

Obviously, they do not plan to go quietly into that good night; they’re going to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Obama.  I trust that John McCain is not the only candidate who plans to propose “imponderables” during the campaign’s last 10 days.

Update: David Plouffe seems to confirm that the campaign believes this report; he predicts an “unprecedented sleaze factory” and asks us to redouble our efforts in the face of the coming onslaught:


  1. …has been laughably erratic, mavericky, and incompetent, I can’t wait for what he’s going to do now.

    Of course, it could be more nasty, McCarthyite smears. Though he’s abjured using religion, I don’t doubt that Jeremiah Wright will be wheeled out soon. Prepare for a shitstorm. Wear disposable shoes.

    But on the other hand – this negative campaigning seems to be backfiring. The mud sticks on the hand of the flinger. If this election proves that the Atwater tactics of negative campaigning can’t close the deal any more (twenty years after Willy Horton) then I think it will have been worth it.

    Thanks DC

  2. NavyBlueWife

    So are these imponderables going to be about national security?  I’m not trying to create a parade of horribles (at least not out loud), but I’ve been wondering if there is going to be a battle over national security issues whipped up, with 9/11 footage being used all over the place to create fear and doubt, or worse.

    Personally, given his behavior, I think it is far, far worse to be this erratic when it comes to national security than when it comes to economic matters.  I know that may sound stupid to some, but a lot of blood gets spilled when you start a war.  The military has been redesignating people to avoid drafting.  For example, a pilot who has 18 years in, ready to retire in 2, is being sent to Iraq to drive in convoys.  A multi-million dollar pilot is now a driver because they don’t have enough troops, and they know they can’t draft now.  I wouldn’t put shit past McCain to start a draft.  But who is going to ask him about it?  The MSM?


  3. sricki

    and I’m not sure even they’ve fully decided. They need to do some serious cost/benefit analysis here. There’s a lot of sleaziness to come, but they’d better consider the backlash and tread carefully — especially when they get ready to pull the Wright card. Will be interesting, and probably horrifying, to see what they pull from here on out.

    I hope they fuck themselves royally.

  4. rfahey22

    Multiple diaries on DKos are reporting that McCain’s transition team is lead by a lobbyist who once had Saddam Hussein as a client.  “Pallin’ around with terrorists,” indeed.

  5. it will be a shitshow of Ayers, Wright, Rezko, etc.  I’m glad to see that Plouffe et al aren’t planning on coasting, as I felt they did a bit in February.  I’ve come to trust the campaign–like when they had the Keating 5 thing all ready for when McCain came out with Ayers.  I’m sure (I hope) that they have some things up their sleeve.  (Like a Powell endorsement . . . I can dream, right?)

    The idea that they haven’t used their best shit by now is a joke.  Unless they found the whitey tape, of course.

    • rfahey22

      that the last few weeks will probably be nasty as the Republicans try to hold onto power.  I don’t think there’s a secret gameplan in the works, other than offering more of the same but at greater quantities.  That’s probably why Obama bought 30 minutes of network television time.

  6. hootie4170

    Maybe McCain is shooting for the low 30’s in the popular vote.   The American people are too in tune this year, they see right through his bullshit!!!

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