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As the elections go into the home stretch, several movies are coming out to take advantage of the political circus.

Oliver Stone is about to release W, his version of the Bush story starring Josh Brolin.

Before Sarah Palin’s fifteen minutes are up, Larry Flynt is rushing out a porno pic starring a Sarah Palin look a like. (Rich Lowry’s pick)

And Documentary film maker, Ken Burns, is putting together a film about the voters themselves.

“The McCain Mutiny”  


  1. But though I loved Wall Street, I thought JFK was way off beam, and I never saw Nixon – so my fear would be that Oliver Stone has become a parody of himself.

    Ken Burns though is a complete hero. The McCain Mutiny sounds cool. Is it for a TV channel?  

    • Is it a comedy or a drama?

      The only thing that could challenge it’s standing as a precedent-setting comedy would be a Palin presidency.

      FYI – remember when the USSR couldn’t keep a Leader a live for much more than a year back in the 80s?  They kept putting 72-year-olds in the office.

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