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First trackers of the day

Rasmussen has his numbers out this morning and reports that Obama leads McCain by two seven points:

Obama 52

McCain 45

Rasmussen observes:

This is the first update based entirely on interviews conducted after the second Presidential debate and it shows virtually no change. On Tuesday morning, just before the debate, Obama was leading 52% to 44%.

Though Rasmussen calls the race stable, and statistically, it is true, the margin this morning is three two points wider than yesterday when the race was 50 to 45.

Research 2000/Daily Kos also suggests the amazing durability of Obama’s lead.  This morning’s tracker suggests that Obama continues to maintain a 12 point lead over McCain:

Obama 52

McCain 40

DemFrom CT at Daily Kos observes:

On successive days in the R2K poll, Obama was up +12 Wed, +14 Thurs and +12 Fri. Wednesday-Friday’s sample represent entirely post-debate polling. Obama’s percentage has been at or above 50 since 9/29.


  1. NavyBlueWife

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin charged into the culture wars Saturday in Pennsylvania, painting Sen. Barack Obama as a radical on abortion rights.

    “In times like these with wars and financial crisis, I know that it may be easy to forget even as deep and abiding a concern as the right to life, and it seems that our opponent kind of hopes you will forget that,” Palin told a crowd in Johnstown. “He hopes that you won’t notice how radical, absolutely radical his idea is on this and his record is until its too late.”

    Palin has mostly avoided raising her opposition to abortion rights on the campaign trail since she was tapped as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, a fact she readily acknowledged in her remarks.

    But Palin said Obama’s record on the matter is too extreme to be ignored, and she spent 10 minutes of her 30-minute speech discussing abortion.

    more illogic…obama as a radical on obama

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