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Terrorizer Open Thread: Silence! I KILL YOU! ( video of Palin lying about Troopergate inside)

Obama - Bling Bling

Missing B. Soetoro pictures found!

Joking of course, but you know this is where they are going next.

As a huge fan of Hip Hop I thought it was fair to ask.

Can Hip Hop support Obama without hurting his chances?…

Scarface (old school M.C. and pioneer) says:

“[Rappers] need to be quiet, super quiet on Barack,” Scarface agreed. “All it takes is for a mutha—-er getting out there being real [ghetto] and people will be like, ‘We don’t wanna f— with Obama’; they’ll wanna smash on him because of what somebody else said. [Someone] speaks for himself and its Barack’s fault? What did Luda say – that’s Barack’s fault? Is it Barack’s fault what I’m saying? I don’t wanna be the reason he don’t get [the presidency]!”

Young Jeezy says:

“We’re a small part of it, but we’re showing our support to show that we are aware of what’s going on and where it’s going,” said Young Jeezy, whose forthcoming LP features a duet with Nas called “My President.” (Check out a clip of the song right here.) “We really want change. We really need it. It’s not the same no more.

“I’m not endorsing the dude because he’s black,” he continued. “Listen to what he’s saying: He’s saying what I wanna hear, just like my favorite rapper. If [an MC] is saying what I wanna hear, I’mma go buy his album. If [a candidate] is saying what I wanna hear, I’mma go vote for him. I can vote, by the way. Watch me, I’m going to register to vote.”

The Man says:

Indeed, Craig Werner, a professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison who teaches courses on black music and hip-hop culture, said a potential pitfall for Obama is the often “horribly distorted” depiction of hip-hop in the mainstream media. “The most problematic hip-hop gets 90 percent of the coverage in the non-music press,” Werner said. “Hip-hop is associated in so many people’s minds with crime, drugs and misogyny, so Obama’s faced with a constellation of problematic images. The question is: How do you send a message that doesn’t wind up demonizing somebody?”

What do you think?

“Look, we don’t care about an old, washed-up terrorist and his wife,” McCain said. “That’s not the point here.”

“He’s a terrorist!” a man in the audience screamed without making clear to whom he was referring.


Lil Bill-O unleashed on teh scary terrorizer!

How low can the McCain campaign go?

(Guess who was caught lying on tape about Troopergate)

We’re about to find out the answer to that question.

Talk to me Moose!


  1. (reference probably lost on those darn younguns)

    I know they’re concocted in some mood enhancing late night buzz, but I get your diaries first thing in the morning, and to me, they’re better than espresso for jump starting the heart.

    Going to be a tough day for global finance. And for Sarah Palin.

  2. sricki

    on the puppet guy, but truly, lil’ Bill-O is epic, though perhaps I’m one of the few who hadn’t yet seen it.

    Did you guys know it’s been well over two months since I’ve had to watch O’Reichy? One more reason to be happy I don’t have to visit my parents regularly for dinner anymore. Now if only I knew how to cook…

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