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Obama is a Terrorist?????

Pat Buchanan is on a tear. He wants McCain and Palin to really put it to Obama, and sees nothing wrong with making Obama seem anti-American and very, very frightening.

I saw Pat on Hardball yesterday and today Chris Matthews dissected Buchanan and this approach. Matthews blew open, the largely successful tactic, of the the republican party to de-Americanize the Democratic candidate for the past twenty or more years. The exchange was amazing as Matthews dismissed Buchanan and we watched Pat’s head kind of explode. I will post the video if I can find it.

Since the republicans have been ramping this issue up over the past week, I have wondered why it is never a problem for the republican candidate for President to be associated with lunatics. And never forget, however cuddly Pat seems, he is a Right Wing Nut Job (RWNJ). See for yourself…

Remember this gem

Bill Press got it right.

These are the people we are dealing with

John McCain seemed to get it right in 2000

But this is today

Oh and there is also

and this

Just threw this in because I liked it


  1. I mean, it’s pretty damn scary to see a man like McCain blow his whole lifetime’s reputation for being some kind of moderate centrist with this crap.

    It’s almost like some kind of self character assassination.  

  2. GrassrootsOrganizer

    I listened to a right wing nutter on the radio last night in the car — sitting in for Mark Levine (ack!)

    So, this nutjob lays out Obama’s connection to Saul Alinsky (who died when Obama was 11) because a disciple of Alinsky called Obama “the best practitioner out there of the Alinsky Method”.

    Now, you see, this is where I’m smiling because that seems like a, um, good thing? But the nutjob goes on to explain why it’s not — in a NUTshell

    That means that Obama is an accomplished “agitator” who “serves coffee and donuts” to a meeting of people and tricks them with fancy rhetoric into believing they have problems they didn’t know they had, then tricks them into banding together to bring about “change” and by the time he’s done “you’ve got a roomful of once happy contented people putting on bandanas and being taught by Obama how to throw rocks through windows to make a point.”  You know, the Alinsky Method.  

    I wish I were making this up.  I sat there in the car, staring at the radio, stunned.  Has this turd ever actually read any Alinsky? or is it just Saul’s frequent use of the word “radical” which of course requires rocks, bombs and bandanas to make a point.

    Especially confusing to me was this notion that organizers (or “agitators” as this jackass kept labelling them) convince otherwise happy contented people that they have problems they don’t have.  You know, like broken down buses, imaginary roaches and abandoned buildings/crack houses in their neighborhoods.  

    All I know is I hope Obama loses and starts up an Alinsky Institute or something so he can teach me how to “agitate” people to the point of breaking the law.  Half the time I can’t get them to bring paper plates for the fucking donuts.  Sigh.    

  3. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Sorry, I’m a little STIRRED UP this morning with no time to write a proper diary about it. Excuse the double comment that goes on and ON.

    So I’m getting the sense that to the right Obama is something far worse than a terrorist.  He’s what they used to call “an instigator” or an “agitator”.  He riles up the rabble into throwing rocks at the castle because they don’t have any cake like hard working Americans, the lazy bastards.  

    I believe with all the attention now to ACORN and Ayres, the Right is zeroing in on their angst about Obama (other than the obvious) — Obama is leading a potential revolution (not like we need one or anything) of millions of blacks, poor, youth, academics, aetheists, unionist, immigrants, artists and cripples — you know, the usual cast of revolutionary characters — to turn the country upside down.

    Myself, I’ve always preferred ballots to pitchforks, so I’m kinda happy about it.  But clearly we can see jut how dangerous this climate is — I’m off to imagine Cheney being led to the guillotine.  


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