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Presidential Debate Thread

Debate Thread!

Live blogging?  Maybe a bit.

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Liveblogging like this is a pain in the fanny, playing with CoverItLive, next time we’ll use that.

9:00 Watching CNN this time so I can catch the wiggling lines.

9:01 Tom starts:  men are voting slightly down already…

9:03 McCain smirks uncomfortably, Barack looks calm

9:05 Tom: Teh world has changes since last time, Economy game on boys  “With teh econommy on the downturn and retires suffering, waht is the fastest thing to be done to help these people?”

“Everyone knows now we are in the worst finan crisis since th eDepression.”  Men and women up fo rhte opening, women and men up for specifics.

Everyone likes the CEO talk against golden parachutes.

Very high reatins by men and women, women slightly higher and more consistent.

9:06 Mccain says hello, slight rise by men and women.  Women very high, men mid-high as he talks about sending money to countries that don’t like us.

McCain didn’t hold past mid-high throughout, emphasized fixing home prices.  People didn’t dislike it, but it didn’t make them happy.

McCain: who would you appoint as treasury secretary?  Mid-level responses from men and women.

Obama: as he gets into specifics on how to fix the economy, ratings rose steadily.

Q: “Through this economic crisis, what is the bailout going to do to help the people who are having a hard time?”

McCain:  Wall street is the provlem.  I suspended my campaign. (men below zero, women just above)


  1. Jjc2008

    I cannot stand this…..

    it’s ridiculous.  The loss incurred by the percentage of people who (even knowingly) made bad loans is small potatoes is nothing compared to the greedy mortgage lenders, the greedy developers who were making billions off of poor people.

    I am so damn sick of the the right wing playing “BLAME the poor people.”  

  2. Jjc2008

    He has NOT ALWAYS been a reformer.  He has been a petulant self serving frat boy.  LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE TO McCain.

  3. Elch

    I’m a guest from Germany in DC at the moment. Watching CNN at the hotel. McCain moves around after each spoken argument as he would have studied it. Obama’s body language looks more fluent and much more authentic to me.  

  4. Jjc2008

    between men and women when it comes to “programs.”  The line for women went way up when Barack talked about the importance of making sure good programs worked.  

    But the men’s line stayed flat.

    (SOME)men still romanticize that “we don’t need government…that cowboy mentality” apparently.  Women, who are the majority caretakers of the very young and the very old, know better.

    I know most of the liberal/progressive men here are not about being the Lone Ranger. 8)

  5. Jjc2008

    And as some of you know, I was a Hillary supporter and got into a few tiffs with some posters here (but on other blogs).

    So I am not blinded by devotion to Senator Obama. I just think McCain comes off so bad.

  6. psychodrew

    that nuclear power OPPOSES dangers?

    I’m still at CBS with no focus groups, but can I assume that he is tanking?

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