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A Tale of Two Rallies

Two rallies were held this weekend in Alaska.  One, for the McCain-Palin ticket.  The other: Obama-Biden.

Which one got more support by about a four-to-one margin?


AKMudRaker went to both.  His accounts of both match what Alaska Daily News had to say about the the Palin rally and what the pictures show of the Obama rally.


Plain Rally ~ 250

Obama Rally ~ 1,200

Approximately 1200 rally-goers, lots of homemade signs, voter registration, postcard writing, live band, t-shirt/button sales with long lines, lots of families and dogs (some with signs), outside on the Park Strip.

According to Wesley Low at the Alaska Daily News:

Todd (Palin) told the crowd of roughly 300, who didn’t nearly fill the cavernous meeting hall, that he’d just flown in from Denver. And that he thought his wife won Thursday’s debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The applause could almost be heard across the room.


You might think this was a before-action picture, but if you follow the red arrow you will notice that there is a speaker at the podium.  This was, in fact, the turnout.

Oh, heck, let’s step back and get a good look…


You can’t tell me that the volunteers and staff at the McCain-Palin Anchorage office went through the trouble of setting up all those chairs unless they planned to fill them.  Only a fool would setup more chairs than necessary for a political event (at the Biden event I volunteered at, we were scrounging extra chairs at the last minute and filled the standing-room-only area above the bleachers).  You leave a lot of empty seats, and some wiseacre is likely to take a picture that looks like this:


Which can only mean that the McCain campaign thought they would fill the hall and were unable to.

As AKMudRaker said: “McPainfully empty”…

What was going on at the Obama rally, you ask?  Shannyn Moore went to the Obama rally and got these pictures which she set nicely to music:

ADN and AKMudRaker got the following pics as well:










Could it be that Gov. Palin will not be able to bring her own state for her running mate?  With the seven Troopergate witnesses now agreeing to honor their subpeonas and Palin’s state approval rating dropping 14% – it’s a possibility.

Go Alaska!



  1. spacemanspiff

    “McPainfully empty”.


    It was said that before the Sarah Failin pick Obama could put Alaska in play.

    You really think he actually has a shot now ?

    Haven’t seen any polls lately as I just thought it was a solid McCain win there.

  2. Kiku

    I always look for something like this as the last read of the evening.

    Sad to say, reports claim Sarah had 8,000 in LA.  But, it was lots smaller than Obama had!

  3. eisenhowerkid

    Hey..this is hear tell, everyone in Alaska is a Repub and Sarracuda supporter! As to Flailin’ Palin’s turnout down here in greater Disneyland..she appeared at the Home Depot Center in Carson..a smallish Los Angeles county town (though all Southern California towns are essentially connected with their neighbors and thereby indistinguishable), that is just over the LA County/Orange County border. Even though Carson is just a half hour’s drive up the freeway from that traditionally Reicht wing bastion, she couldn’t get any more to attend than that! There are millions of people in the greater LA/OC counties alone.

    Unfortunately, when Guv’nor Reagan closed the state run hospitals for the mentally ill in the 60’s, the patients had to go somewhere..that must have been Orange County! My husband and I got lost one dark night and wound up there..just barely escaping the trap..before the natives woke up and pushed out of their graves for their nightly feeding! Seriously, we just moved from “the OC” (Obnoxious and Corrupt) to LA, after too many years there. I’ve been struck by the significant lack of bumper stickers and yard signs favoring McLie this year! Usually, they’re the first ones on the block to plaster their yards and cars with all that propaganda. Dems are taking over everywhere! Stay hot, guys!  

  4. NavyBlueWife

    that this great diary entry just got passed to me in an email from Corpus Christi for Obama…who knew you were so popular in southern TX!


    (Let’s take back the wink!)

  5. ydef

    that there seems to be such contradictory signals coming from Alaska.  These pictures portray a great example of the enthusiasm gap, in spite of their Moose Mistress Palin on the ticket.  I also remember that there was a rally for Palin in the days after she was chosen in Anchorage and something like 6 times as many anti-Palin demonstrators showed up.

    But poll after poll isn’t even close, with ‘Bama wallowing in the 30 something percentile.  This mimics where he polls in raging red states like Kansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Wyoming, and other southern Stalwarts.  

    The pollsters probably don’t poll Alaska as often as other ‘true’ battlegrounds.  But still, if the poll are anywhere close to accurate, which I believe they are, there’s no way Alaska will be in play.  Alaska also lacks the chance for Obama to rise up from other unknowables, like new voter registrations and untapped black populations that just don’t exist in Alaska.

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