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Hot Damn! Franken Surges, Coleman=Fail

So I told you yesterday (was it yesterday, this Da Vinci sleep pattern has to stop) about the SUSA poll of MN which smelled kinda funny (like a pile of fertilizer derived from a cow’s waste product).  However I was reading the Trib online today and I saw this:

Franken: alot!

Coleman: Not much

Barkley: A surprising amount

Yes I am evil and making you come down here to see the real numbers, they be:

Franken: 43

Coleman: 34

Barkley: 18

So what is Coleman’s response to this, it seems to me like a flashback to Mark Kennedy’s ill fated race in 2006…

the Coleman campaign called the Minnesota Poll and its methodology “flawed,” campaign spokesman Luke Friedrich said.

Yeah idiots the MN poll nailed the senate race in 2006 (despite Mark Kennedy being a pansy and whining how he wasn’t losing by heaps.  

More good news in a head to head match up it is Franken 49-Coleman 42.

And Franken has out raised Coleman over the course of the campaign by a cool 500k.

Caveat Emporer (or whatever the latin crap is)

This poll has a breakdown that seems a little off:

42% DFL 27% inde 26% republican

That might be true due to the bailout (Al is hammering Coleman on it).  However the article talks about ads and Al has an awesome one up right now about Franni.  Norm is just going negative having an ad that shows Al swearing (that isn’t really welcome in MN homes).

This picture shows what a senate seat will be for Norm in January:


  1. rfahey22

    Why is MN so hard to poll?  On the national level, all of the polls either show a near dead-heat or an Obama blowout, while as you pointed out the Senate numbers are going in completely opposite directions.

    In any event, I would assume that Obama would devote more energy to MN if indeed his internals pointed to a close race there.

  2. I read “Lies: (and the Lying Liars who Tell Them)” sitting in Lafeyette Park across from the White House a few years ago.  It just seemed like a good place for it.

    It would be great to see Senator Al in DC and the Liars he wrote about going home to stew…

  3. sanguine giant

    I lost the link and a bunch of stuff I was going to type:

    basically SUSA is wack here in MN this cycle, bailout isn’t very popular as only Wells Fargo is in MN, Norm isn’t MN nice see here.

    Personally I’d like to see a Q-Pac poll or a Ras poll of MN to get a better sense of what’s going on here.

    and the link to the ST poll:

    Oh and the SoS is a DFLer which means less voter disenfranchisement (the giant is voting on election day via the vouching system)

    the giant

  4. Hollede

    that Obama will win Minnesota and Franken will beat Coleman. I just wish Al would come up and visit me. He could have more support here than he realizes.

  5. sanguine giant

    and I’ve done some more digging, I looked at the average of partisan splits in polls in MN and the 42% number is a little high but it is in the ball park, the average has been around 40% and the republican average was around 27%  Ergo the Trib seems a lot closer than SUSA

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