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Some more reflections on the Couric interviews with Biden and Palin

Katie Couric interviewed Joe Biden to get his take on Roe v. Wade and the issue of privacy in the Constitution.  Privacy, of course, is a touchy subject with conservatives.  The Constitution does not by name grant a right to it, but liberals cite the 9th Amendment, which reserves rights not named in the Constitution to the states and the people, and the 14th Amendment’s liberty clause as sources that found an argument for an inherent privacy right.  The right to privacy was a fundamental legal argument in the decision of Roe v. Wade.  Anyway, Couric contrasted Palin’s whacky and adorable answers with Couric’s interview with the lucid and commanding Joe Biden.  This is the result; here is a video from TPMtv:

Now just a couple of comments.  First, few things cause conservatives as much anxiety as the notion there is a right of privacy in the Constitution.  Not only did Sarah step on their toes by endorsing it, she also stepped on the toes of thinking people by her incoherent answers to questions about the Supreme Court.  As gaffes go, it was a twofer. It had potential to offend people on both sides of the center.

I am sure Tina Fey could make something out of Sarah’s answer, but the joke is going to get tired pretty soon.  There’s just too much material.


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