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Open Thread: Welcome to a landslide by the holding on sweetie!

Barack Obama’s team believes he can win by a landslide

Statewide surveys put the likely Electoral College result at a slender Obama win, 273-265. But his campaign staff believe they have a good chance of securing between 330 and 340 votes, and could win up to 364 votes, a landslide on the scale of Bill Clinton’s wins.

I’ll do the partying, you guys do the worrying. ;o )


Taking Colorado, as Mr Obama’s team are very confident of doing, would put him over the top. Even winning the smaller state of Nevada, with its five electoral votes, would be enough to guarantee a 269-269 tie with Mr McCain. If that happens, the US consititution would hand the decision over to the Democrat dominated US House of Representatives, which would presumably come down in Mr Obama’s favour.

Most pollsters would regard those expectations as uncontroversial. But the Obama camp is also confident of winning Ohio and Virginia, which commentators believe are “toss up” states with the two candidates chances at 50/50.

Last week Mr Obama began investing heavily in advertising in Indiana, Florida and North Carolina, which many had supposed to be a waste of time and money.

He shoots!

He scores!

Their confidence that good organisation will more than compensate for latent racism will be reassuring to some Democrats, who were concerned by a poll last weekend that found Mr Obama would be six points higher in the polls if he were white.

Obama PWNS


  1. Can you change the title of your panda logo from WWF to WTF?

    It should be the persistent question about the Republican Party through the bail out debacle.

    Doesn’t anyone think it’s completely amazing that the Republican House Reps are at such odds with their president? And that their Presidential nominee is completely subject to their varying divisive whims…

    Ooh. I feel a diary coming on.  

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