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WTF?? The Financial Meltdown Diary

Nothing clever or insightful here, just one Democrat screaming at my television as Republican douchebags, one after another, spew horsecrap.

Stupid douchebag observation 1 —

“the whole deal fell apart after Nancy Pelosi made a speech.”

oh.  really.  You mean to tell me you show ponies will sell the economy up the river because of a speech?!  What?  What?!

Um.  hand up in the back of the room — shouldn’t you be voting on a bill?

Stupid douchebag observation 2 —

“everything was going awesome behind closed doors until you media types riled up the rabble.”

Oh.  excuse the hell out of us for partcipating in our democracy.  If the house is really on fire here, why don’t you go back to your douchebag colleagues and ask them to grow a pair and stand up to their constituants?  Why don’t you just go ahead and say it in so many words, Junior Douchebag Whip — our colleagues are too worried about getting reelected to do what we think is best for the country.   Country first my big fat ass.

Excellent question 1 —

So, I guess all that “leadership” McCain oozed all over the House um, ah, didn’t, um, work.  Will he be suspending his campaign again?  Here’s hoping!

Most Surreal Moment in Recent Political History —

a bunch of apoplextic Republicans blaming Democrats for not “delivering 96 votes” (nevermind the 109 they couldn’t deliver) because even though this whole thing is supposed to be “non-partisan” it actually really is because the majority couldn’t “deliver” except, um, wait a minute….


  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    CNN is pounding the GOP and McCain.  So much for “objectivity.”  Yay!  I think Ali Velshi just challenged all GOP takers to a knife fight.  I think he spat between his fingers when he did.  

    Man oh man.  They are blaming the Repugs for the 777 point freefall and the predicted credit drought, then they go from that to “is Palin qualified”, then they go to “I thought McCain suspended his campaign to get this vote.”  Wowee.  were it not for the impending financial collapse, this would be more fun than Mark Foley.

    Now they’re discussing the “actuarial odds” of Palin becoming president.  (wow.  one in five.  be very afraid)  They may have skyrocketed today as every suit on Wallstreet wished the SOB dead.  Unclear.

    They are feasting on the notion that we could lose our collective asses because Nancy Pelosi offended some delicate sensibilities.  

    My only question — how can I get the word out between now and November 3rd that this is all Mike Rogers fault?  He’s my congressperson.  He voted against it.  I think everyone should blame him.  personally.  

  2. rfahey22

    I don’t know what all to make of this, but there is a “stick it to the man” element on some sites that I have to assume is also counterproductive.  I’m not really looking for a catastrophic event upon which to completely remold our society.

  3. GrassrootsOrganizer

    What I find fascinating is the very strange bed fellows this is creating.  So now we have regular folks with once healthy 401Ks cursing their Republican legislator, and centrist Democrats cursing those same Republicans, while poor folks with really nothing to lose in all this are cheering alongside the free market/small government crowd.  [scratches head in amusement]

    But at the end of the day, Lou Dobbs be damned, it’s the GOP that’s looking bad — to the Chambers of Commerce, the near retirees freaking over their retirement savings — and it’s starting to look like we’re going to need one really really big lifeboat.

    We could be looking at one of the great political realignment and economic shake-outs in history.  Not like we need one — ha ha.

    And then there’s John McCain.  After he gave his statement today the poor bastard ran from those reporters like his head was on fire.  This too is a beautiful thing.

    Regardless of how one views the bail-out bill — fer or agin — it’s all blowing back on poor poor John McCain.  and I can’t WAIT to hear Sarah Palin explain it all to us on Thursday!  Woo hoo!

  4. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Sooo, my old buddy Lou Dobbs is blaming poor people who got low income mortgages for the meltdown.  Great idea — when in doubt, blame the poor and their mortgages on their crappy 30K houses.  

    I guess this has nothing to do with the Suzette’s of the world — Suztette and her husband Dave owned 12 houses at one point there — mortgaged over value on all of them — so they could create some real estate empire and retire early from their 200K worth of jobs.  They’d throw some paint on the dogs and rent them out for the mortgage payment but not before they immediately remortgaged them all to get out the equity/down payment to buy another one.

    Last I heard S&D were down one cool mil after they were both laid off and they had to start living off the rents.  Ouch.  

    I guess non of the McMansions around me were over mortgaged either.  Nope.  It was Acorn and those damn poor folks again.  sucks about the lack of affordable public housing, doesn’t it?    Aren’t they all supposed to be homeless or dead by now?

  5. GrassrootsOrganizer

    My kid and I just laughed until our sides hurt.  the joke?  What the hell is up with leaving the country hanging up in the air for Rosh Hashanah?

    My kid, while he was in Iraq — worked seven days a week, 16 hours a day — on Christmas, New Years, Ramadan, Passover and yes, Rosh Hashanah because, as he put it, if he didn’t work?  People got blown up.  

    As a matter of fact?  He worked even harder on Christmas, Easter and yes, Rosh Hashanah, most especially on Christmas and Rosh Hashanah, because the chances of people getting blown up?  Were even that much greater on Christmas and Rosh Hashanah.   As he put it, that was his Christmas present to himself in 2007 — to work even that much longer and harder on Christmas, so that no one blew him up.  

    And as the little old ladies are losing thier life savings and the rest of us are hung up in a bad case of WTF these assclowns just have to go home for Rosh Hashanah?  Are there any Jews working tomorrow in America?  Just wondering. Are there any Jews in Iraq right now working special super duty overtime for Rosh Hashanah so no one gets blown up?

    What a GD joke.  

  6. Jjc2008

    about the financial bailout.  Seriously.  I am not a stupid person.  Just have never been interested in that end of life. I guess I should have been.  

    My parents were poor, but did well by my sister and I, in that they made sure we both got a college education.  She got married and had children. I chose to not have children (I was a teacher…I was with kids all the time, and that was enough).  My lover has been long gone and I preferred a simple life.  When my father, a long time widower, wanted to get out from under a house, he basically gave it to my sister and her family, with my blessing.  Because during the first housing bubble they sold it, they did well and bought a nice, large stone home. My sister always told me that their house was my house, and while I was still 1600 miles away, the plan was as we retired for me to move back. I bought a small fixer upper, and over the years it increased in value but I always refinanced to “fix things.”  

    I have a decent pensions.  No 401K.  

    But two events have screwed my plans. My sister died so her promise of housing for me in our retirement is gone.  And my house, my only hope of a decent savings cushion is losing value.  

    I don’t want to live in a house anymore. It’s too hard. I am at the point where climbing ladders, fixing things, is no so easy any more.  Funny thing about knees in your sixties..they complain when you climb things.

    I really want to move back to my “roots” where the my cousins are retiring and I have a sense of family again.

    But now I can’t. I have a few more years until Medicare and health costs are scary.  Due to what turned out to be a genetic killer in our family, I had to have open heart surgery to repair the aorta.  All went well but even with insurance, there were lots of out of pocket costs.  And then, people of my age, are having teeth issues.  All of the silver fillings of our childhood, are cracking and causing a great need for repair and caps. HUGE expenses and what dental insurance covers is a joke.  And then house stuff…

    roofs, windows, sidewalks, tree trimming. I really wanted to see my house this year.  NOW, I doubt I can.

    I don’t even know what to wish for when it comes to what affects me personally. On a broad basis, I want the greedy jerks who caused this to pay.  I want the people who voted in Ronald Reagan, George W, to PAY TRIPLE.

    I was so angry this year.  When Bush sent the stimulus check…I did not qualify.  WHY? I substituted enough to earn enough to get me over the limit. I used the money to pay off accumulated medical bills, and house repairs.

    But friends of mine, also retired, getting the same income as me, but who happened to inherit over a half million, who own three properties and a boat, got the full stimulus check.

    Another friend who lives in a fully paid for million dollar home got the money.  

    So I don’t get it. I have been working since I was 16.  Never had time off, went to school and worked every summer break, and am still working, gets punished.  My friends who came from families with wealth retire and travel and have boats and second homes. Granted, their stocks and stuff may be hurting now……

    So what now?  I don’t even know how to cheer or what would be good for people like me.  Like I said, I live fine off my pension but there is always that fear of a catastrophic illness and then what????

    My real goal is to sell my house with a small profit that becomes my cushion, and move into a small apartment some place and live a simple life without the burden of worrying about things like pipes bursting, the need for a furnace, finding people to paint, to do stuff I don’t feel capable of doing myself any more.

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