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First Three Tracking Polls of the Day

Rasmussen now has Obama much further ahead than it has had Obama since the conclusion of the Democratic Convention:

Obama 50

McCain 45

This finding tends to confirm Research 2000/Daily Kos which also documents a five point spread:

Obama 48

McCain 43

Diageo/Hotline also confirms that Obama is stretching his lead:

Obama 49

McCain 42

The present debacle in Washington surely will give more McToolophiles greater pause about their preferred choice for president, but who knows, they are the same folks who gave us whack job George W. Bush, so they seem to be capable of just about any manner of bad judgment.


  1. …the real story, below the implosion of the economy, and the optics of Palin, is the silent but lethal civil war going on in the Republican party. Whatever publicly emerged during the primaries about the Dems fratricidal battles, it was open, and resolvable. The split among Republicans is much deeper and more deadly.

    I think this will continue having a huge impact on the polls, and historically – apart from economic meltdown – will be seen as the biggest story leading up to the election

  2. rfahey22

    I’m glad to see that the race remains steady or that Obama is climbing.  My guess is that Gallup will show Obama with a lead later today.

  3. ragekage

    Rasmussen is showing him five points ahead. If Rasmussen’s showing it… damn! And they have him 3pts ahead in Colorado.

  4. spacemanspiff

    But damn if I’m not loving these poll numbers.

    Thanks for keeping me informed on all teh polls here on the moose DC.

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