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Sarah Palin is SUCH an Inspiration!

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Back when I was still home, I used to love getting into primary battles with the girl I used to work with. Me for Obama, her for Hillary. It was all in jest. Everyone knew in the end we’d vote for the same candidate, no matter which Democrat is was.

At least that’s what I thought. Sarah Palin has become the shiny new object in front of every stupid person’s eyes, even this girl I used to work with apparently, because she is “such an inspiration”, she has inspired her to not only hate Obama, but hate the other Democrat she used to support too.  

Here’s the e-mail I got. It’s in response to a Facebook status message I wrote calling Palin a fascist;

“I don’t understand the hatred, the bitter hatred you people have toward this wonderful woman. Palin is such an inspiration to all of us, a young mother of five just steps away from becoming President of the United States. How could you hate such an inspiring figure. I have never seen so much hate from liberals and the media toward anyone in my life”

She must’ve forgotten January through June.

“I don’t understand why Hillary Clinton refused to appear with Palin at the protest. That was a mistake. She could’ve shown bipartisanship and stood side by side with Palin, but instead she chose to hate like everyone else. It’s disgusting. The whole Democratic party is disgusting. If the media was as hard as Obama as they are on this poor woman, Obama wouldn’t stand a chance in this election. This whole thing has made me realize just hate hateful and bitter Democrats really are. I guess I was never one”

Truer words ever spoken.

Now I’m not a defender of Hillary Clinton and I’m sure some of you will point that out, but it was interesting to see this girl attack HILLARY, whom she supported in the primaries because of healthcare and the economy apparently. Now suddenly none of those issues matter anymore because she has been mezmerized by the shiny new thing from Alaska.  

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  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Sarah Palin IS an inspiration to stupid people, particularly stupid women and the stupid men they love.  She is proof positive that if you shoot straight, remain positive, go to church,  love your man, aim for the stars and never skip your pilates you too could be ANYTHING you want to be.

    Sarah Palin upends the notion once and for all that one has to be gifted to get anywhere.  She blazes a path for “C+” students to aspire to greatness.  No more ruling out astronaut, brain surgeon, Nobel Prize winner or president of the United States from any sub 100 IQ to-do list.                With Sarah?  ANYTHING is possible!  

  2. This is an example of those folks who you are only ever passingly pleased to have on your side.  I mean, yeah, it’s a vote, and if it comes down to the one-vote in a county somewhere to swing the whole thing, then “oh well, there goes the nation” (I’m thinking of a Futurama episode, here…), but in the end there is very little you can do with this kind of person other than humor them.

    Palin is the anti-everything (all Democrats, all centrists and a significant part of the Republican party).  If she is enough to make someone vote for McCain (without that person even already agreeing with McCain on any particular issue) then they are either extremist Armageddonists rushing for the Finish Line or Pure Identity Voters.  Neither one of those can be reasoned with, because reason has nothing whatsoever to do with their decision.

    I’m a centrist, and given enough factors in play I could vote one way or another, but there is nothing about the GOP that is attractive to moderates these days and Palin brings McCain back to the screaming-far-right that has nothing to do with any of my views whatsoever.  Anyone who has ever espoused any strong beliefs in any traditionally Democratic positions cannot support her, so your friend – as you say – was probably only ever a Democrat because she thought it sounded cool.


  3. but that shine is already wearing off for a lot of people. Give it a few more weeks and her approval rating will be in the low-40’s.

    BTW, I see this is your first diary on the Moose. Welcome.

  4. GrassrootsOrganizer

    More seriously now — I’m trying to figure out how the hell she is still drawing such crowds.  I found her voice, her mannerisms, her perspectives, her entire schtick grating as hell after the first ten minutes.  And I’m not at all sure that it would make a difference to me if she was a liberal Democrat.  The woman is just plain annoying and I think it’s that voice coupled with a questionably inflated sense of self that grinds the most. I get a mechanized ruthless vibe off her (alot like a barracuda ) that repels me and I know plenty of conservative Christians that I honestly like.  (as long as we don’t talk politics)

    So what the hell is it?  The best I can figure there are lots of moms out there who think of themselves as invisible and over-the-hill — like their ship has sailed senior year — for whom Sarah Palin redefines motherhood.

    I also think regardless of why she was chosen or how qualified  she isn’t, she pushes conservative Christianity back onto centerstage and in their eyes makes it seem cool.  She’s become a symbol of something — the new Elvis — sex appeal meets the Bible and shootin at stuff.  

  5. sricki

    Her voice makes me want to violently puncture my eardrums with a steak knife. Now THAT’s inspiration.

    Glad to see you here, by the way.  

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