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Lounge Monday Afternoon Celebrations (I am officially a real democrat now)

So I just officially got the ban hammer at the mediocre Blue.  I am certain it was from the “always correct one” as I insulted him extremely hard here:…

Though to my credit Jerome was saying someone was mentally ill and that isn’t cool by any means.

So I am swamped like usual and my coordinator is expecting me to be a genius in calculating changes in conductance, I hate my life and am taking an hour break.

This is not like SmS’s Epic diary, but is a means for me to be happy

So, I am seeing Nader canvassers on a daily basis but no McCain canvassers,

Obama surges in State polling like VA and NM (here’s an odd case Obama wins the Kerry states minus MN for some reason and wins IA, NM, CO and VA… how the heck does Obama win IA in double digits and lose MN?).

To any Chicago people here, don’t hate me but I hope that the Chi Sox choke in their 3 game series against the Twins

and I wish I were taking classes instead of doing research.


  1. Hey, maybe that’s an idea!  for the first time in years (decades) I’m in a geography and schedule that could support it.

    May have to check the local colleges and see what they have in the way of remedial basketweaving, advanced sloth or astrophysics for underachievers…

  2. sanguine giant

    I have registered some ‘clone’ accounts, with names that are typographically similar to Jerome’s.

    They include:

    Jerome is an idiot

    Jerome is an @ss

    Jerome is a republican

    and there are some that are extremely likely to make it past the moderation filter like Succulent Grits, Scintillating Gesyer, and some that I am keeping secret so I can infiltrate, just be generous with the mojo and soon I can launch a HR mission against Jerome if I so desire (firefox ad blocker is a must for anyone who goes to the medicore blue

  3. MYDD has some got some good people on it, but I hate giving Jerome those page hits. I’m glad you’ve got some sock puppets on you baby though. I particularly liked the hidden references about past misdemeanors by the proprietor of bad blue. Point out those as much as you like.

  4. spacemanspiff

    As for Jerome. More and more every day, the chill, schoolmarmish prick at the core of his hectoring persona is coming out to play, and it’s a good goddamned thing that people are finally figuring this out.

    Any chance Beeton can get his own blog?

    How about Singer?

    It’s the only reason I go over there anyways.

    If we could get this place getting thousands of unique hits per day in the shakedown phase I’m sure Beeton and Singer could do A LOT better.

    Yeah, I’m a big fan of theirs and I don’t think I’m the only one.

    You think they lurk?  GET YOUR OWN BLOGS GUYS!

    But anyway, I always say that when life gives you syphilis, make sypilis-ade. It’s basically the same as regular lemonade, but you let him take a sip from the glass before you serve it. FYI. Flowbee makes killer Chlamydia Ale.

    Over at the Delusional…

    Tune in next week when rankles skullfucks Stephen Hawking to death while drinking champagne out of a bear skull atop a bullet train that is jumping a canyon filled with out of print editions of the collected works of Henry David Thoreau….

    and he won’t even get his privileges revoked!

    (wish I could Fail my own post, this be out there!)

  5. You didn’t say anything worth a banning… unless calling out a hideratable comment by the proprietor is wrong. Pathetic and petty. Wish I’d been harder on him in my article. Kind of feel like risking a banning myself..

  6. spacemanspiff

    [new] I’ve always said (2.00 / 5)

    that the best use of daily tracking polls is to gauge the changes in voter sentiment, nationally. And in that regard, my R2K polling has consistently picked up the same movement everyone else has. And in fact, no one else out there is providing daily splits on the approval/disapproval numbers of the candidates. That allowed us to talk about Palin’s collapse before anyone else had.

    That’s the reason I got my own daily tracker — so I wouldn’t have to beg other pollsters for that information.

    If you want to adjust the numbers 2-3 points in the other direction to “compensate”, be free. That’s why I made sure all data was made public, unlike everyone else that still hides the composition of their samples. And at the end of the day, other than Rasmussen, the other three tracking polls are within two points of each other.

    But I find it funny that you complain about R2K being too pro-Obama, but then approvingly point to CNN’s latest poll that has Obama up to 51 percent, higher than anything R2K has shown. AND, you have no clue what that CNN sample looks like. You might be equally horrified if you saw how they broke it down. Or how Rasmussen breaks it down. You’re assuming they’ve got better samples, but you’re doing so on faith.

    I don’t do faith very well, prefering past performance. And on that front, R2K kicked CNN’s ass in the primaries. And sure, while past performance is no indicator of future results (see Zogby), it does lead me to give R2K the benefit of the doubt.

    by kos on Mon Sep 22, 2008 at 05:19:29 PM EST

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    Kos PWNED the concerned one.

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