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  1. Economics sure are awesome.

    As I sat listening to to the need for icebreakers at the Conversations thing on thursday, I just couldn’t help thinking “we could buy two beauties with what we spend in seven days in Iraq…”

  2. …when ever McCain tries to sell us all his earmarks bullshit.

    Not only did his VP go against it.

    From what your graph seems to be saying, ALL earmarks represent less than 10 per cent of the Iraq War supplemental

    Fuck. All this money on a disastrous war, largely funded by the Chinese. You could have rescued education with that cash.

    And now the money that could have gone into healthcare has gone, bailing out the banking system’s borrowed time.

    The history books will look back on the Bush administration as one of the most catastrophic in US history. Anybody able to think of any worse?

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