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First Two Tracking Polls of the Day Are Out

Research 2000/Daily Kos and Rasmussen both come out in the morning, and we now have the data from both polls.  Both show Obama’s position has improved.

Rasmussen shows that the race is now tied:

Obama 48

McCain 48

This is the third straight day that Obama’s position has improved in the poll.  

Research 2000/Daily Kos also shows Obama has risen:

Obama 49

McCain 43

The six point margin is two points wider than yesterday when the poll showed a 48-44 spread.  This is a three day rolling poll, and the one day numbers yesterday were very good for Obama, 50-42.  Of course, with a small sample size (360 interviews), one day numbers have a very large standard error (5%), but the trend clearly reflects events on the ground, events that do not benefit McCain’s campaign or narrative.

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