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  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    They strike me like a bunch of repented drunks the morning after that week long Barracuda bender they were on.  

    i’m loving the new narrative on CNN “we really intend to be fair and we really will be and so we will tell you, tomorrow or something, whatever bad stuff we have on Obama and there sort of is some, sort of, but for the next six hours straight we’re going to talk about THIS guy who is one complete utter rotten low life filthy lying son of a bitch on toast.  Seriously! We shit you not!  But first, more really really bad economic news today as… ”

    They seem to be taking it pretty hard, that whole “denying us access to super nova Sarah” business.  Those are some pretty grouchy reporters out there.  I’ve also noticed how the McCain  puppets, I mean puNDits, are now being laughed down by their Democratic counterparts while the host makes an ass out of them.  

    It would be great big fun, if the world wasn’t on the brink of economic collapse.   Sort of takes alot of the joy out of it, know what I mean?

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