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Palintology; Updated

Yes, it's Palin time again. Finally, Governor Palin is receiving some serious vetting by the main stream press. Two big investigative pieces in the New York Times and the Washington Post have confirmed what many of us suspected from Governor Palin's publicised policies and misdemeanours.

 Some people think we should leave this subject alone and concentrate on McCain. But it was McCain who chose Palin, with virtually no vetting, to play the gender card, activate the Christianist base, and catch Obama's team on the (moose) hoof


That they've succeeded in a bounce in the polls is undeniable. Now comes the corollary: what kind of administration has Palin run, and what does this tell us about her potential presidential administration, given that she's running alongside a candidate who would be the oldest President ever elected.

One of Governor Palin's big claims is that she is a reformer who took on 'the ol boy network', but a cursory look at her time at Wasilla show that she just replaced one set of good old boys and girls with  her own

Palin took office as mayor in October 1996 with a show of force. She fired the museum director and demanded that the other department heads submit resignation letters, saying she would decide whether to accept them based on their loyalty, according to news reports at the time. She clashed with Police Chief Irl Stambaugh over his push for moving bar closing time from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. and for his opposition to state legislation to allow people to carry guns in banks and bars.

I suppose us Mooseheads would support the bar opening hours – but I digress.

Deuser, the former city attorney, said it was upsetting to hear the McCain campaign refer to Palin's takeover as a matter of getting rid of the "good ol' boy network." "They were just good public servants who did a really admirable job and deserved better," said Deuser, who was replaced in 1997.

And as for axing budgets – think Bush Cheney. Take it away from popular access, and spend public money on private affluence – socialism for the rich

Although the town had a $4 million surplus, Palin cut the museum budget by $32,000, and the three older women who worked there quit instead of deciding which would have to go. But Palin dipped into the budget to create the deputy administrator slot, which some council members complained was at odds with her small-government stance. She told city officials not to talk to reporters.

And if you want more worrying echoes of cronyism, the cult of personal loyalty and veiled intimidation – Palin is a perfect Cheney clone "

Sarah always did and still does surround herself with people she gets along well with," she said. "They protect her, and that's what she needs. She has surrounded herself with people who would not allow others to disagree with Sarah. Either you were in favor of everything Sarah was doing or had a black mark by your name


Of course it's Obama/Biden versus Bush/Cheney McCain/Palin, and we should be comparing front runners. But the republicans think they have shot the democrats fox by playing identity politics, and having their own 'change' candidate with the amazing life story. The difference is, regardless of his roots and identity, Obama is has proved himself again and again to be a great manager of people, a man who keeps his word, a politician of the highest probity. For a brief moment, Governor Palin might make him seem old school and 'politics as usual' But republican politics as usual has brought us to this pretty pass.

More, this time from the NYT

An examination of her swift rise and record as mayor of Wasilla and then governor finds that her visceral style and penchant for attacking critics — she sometimes calls local opponents "haters" — contrasts with her carefully crafted public image.

And as it's Sunday, let's remind ourselves of the qualities of these leaders the republicans offer: McCain and his lies, Palin and her cronyism. THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS is the commandment they always forget. Believer or non believer, let's ensure those lies are exposed, and the truth comes out.

UPDATED: And on that exposure to the truth, TPM has video evidence


  1. In the first place, she is the vice-presidential candidate. It wouldn’t matter if her carefully crafted image was true or not, she’d still only be the vice-president.

    In the second place, she is from Alaska, for God’s sake. How can she relate to someone from New Orleans, Los Angeles, or Atlanta, GA? She’s from a state where all of the citizens receive ‘welfare’ checks from the government payed for by Big Oil. There’s no income tax, thanks to the oil revenue. Of course, she is for “drill, drill, drill.” She can no more relate to the average citizen of the Lower 48 states than she can relate to someone from Panama.

    I despaired for the state of the American electorate when we re-elected G.W. Bush in 2004. Apparently, we haven’t learned anything since then. Jefferson and Adams must be rolling over in their graves.  

  2. GrassrootsOrganizer

    I heard last night that her support from MEN is 9 points higher than it is from women — so ya’ll can stop assuming this is women voting for “any woman” or over identifying hockey moms.  

    I’d venture a guess alot of her support is coming from ultra-conservative MEN whose interest in “women’s rights” is in limiting them or eliminating them when it comes to the fruit of their “seeds”.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if a number of ass-scratching hoonards out there aren’t totally smitten by a straight shootin’ beauty queen who makes six figures a year and still obeys her man, who just happens to be a shlump like them. Isn’t this every low-information male NRA voters ultimate fantasy?  To find some hottie who’ll stay hot after five kids and not only move to Alaska with them but support them so they can go shoot stuff?  In other words, I think more than a few little heads are doing the thinking right now when that pollster calls.  

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