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Obama Campaign Takes the Offense against McCain

The Obama Campaign has published a memo that takes on the McCain campaign on a couple of scores but focuses on dismantling the Palin myth:

1.  They point out that the McCain campaign has been doing a fancy show with smoke and mirrors to try and make Sarah Palin look like she has the qualifications to be president of the United States.  The memo takes on the lies that Palin visited Iraq, something she has not done, and her repeated claim that she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere, when she actually supported it.  They mock her claim to have visited Ireland when her plane merely stopped there to refuel.   They challenge the claim that Sarah Palin is a fiscal conservative.  They cite sources that document her out-of-control spending behaviors.

2.  The fabrications about the numbers of people who have been attending the McCain-Palin rallies.  In fact, the campaign appears to have been reporting vastly inflated numbers.

On a day when The Washington Post essentially called McCain a liar for his performance on The View and The New York Times noted that McCain’s most recent ad “is the latest in a number that resort to a dubious disregard for the facts,” it seems to me we should keep beating home that the Republicans have put forward a mirage.


  1. alyssa chaos

    that the McCain camp gets called out on all their bullshit.

    im tired of the campaign spin and the lies. After 8yrs of Bush, we deserve the truth.

    Above all, the media has to step it up and make sure the truth gets out to the public.  

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