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Scarier than four more years?! The impossible is here.

My son, a recent Iraq veteran and once conservative Republican, rearranged my head last night with this stunning observation — McCain/Palin was rapidly becoming a more terrifying proposition than four more years of Bush/Cheney.  It took only a moment of consideration to accept the once unfathomable was now real.


Even George Bush wasn’t so cynical and dismissive of the American people to make a vice-presidential choice as unqualified and pandering as Sarah Palin.    At least Dick Cheney would bring to the presidency a depth and gravitas, however foul and menacing.  Even as his decisions would have disgusted and horrified us, he would have made them knowing exactly what the hell he was doing.  Sarah Palin presents the specter of a supremely empowered righteous idiot, actually LESS informed George Bush, more extreme than Pat Robertson and more blissfully reckless than Donald Rumsfeld.

And at least when George Bush lied, there was within those lies some thin frayed thread of truth.   When confronted with his falsehoods, George Bush seemed somewhat uncomfortable with them.  His lies may have been outrageous, but  they usually weren’t bald-faced repeated reassertions that the sky is not blue.    McCain doesn’t lie in the traditional sneaky George Bush sense —  as a man always conscious of the possibility of being caught.  McCain lies like a madman lies or a mad dog fights – as if he can own the truth through sheer willpower.  

Dogmatic, inflexible, foolish, flippant, at least George Bush never seemed so feral and so self-righteous as to be utterly divorced from reflection.  George Bush felt the need at times to justify his decisions to the American people and answer to the powers within his party.   As much as he ruled with platitudes, we all knew he didn’t really believe them.   The Maverick presents as someone accountable to nothing but his own batshit crazy thoughts.

A McCain/Palin administration could leave us longing for the good old days of Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzalez, where even as our will was defied and our Constitution trampled, some sense of competency prevailed.  With McCain making the decisions we could wake up to wall to wall Harriet Myers and Michael Browns — people that struck McCain as “just like him” while utterly, spectacularly unqualified for their posts.

While Bush ran a corrupt militaristic anti-Constitutional puppet coup, McCain may well give us a government driven by the ego of a true unrestrained madman — a Calligula’s Rome.  If nothing else, George Bush became predictable. We knew the Bush monster was driven by the rationale of greed, not the psychosis of divine mandates and pent-up POW rage.

And not to weaken the argument, but at least GW was fun to watch in his malapropisms and cowboy cluelessness surrounded by his cartoon cast of villains and grasping vipers.    Given our collective fatigue and the dire nature of our shared circumstances, under their respective protective mantle of POWism and supermomism, McCain and Palin  may deny us even the solace of laughter.  

Imagine four years or more of unvarnished sanctimonious dismantling of the separation of church and state married to “bomb bomb bomb” whomever.  Imagine a band of brothers (and a sister or two) assembled by a man who long ago drank the red, white and blue Kool-aid and set out on a mission to win every fight he could find.  


  1. Passionate and brilliant diary. Probably the best I’ve read here so far. So many lines stick out, so many truths waiting to be articulated finally finding expression. Among my favs…

    McCain doesn’t lie in the traditional George Bush sense —  as a man always conscious of the possibility of being caught.  McCain lies like a madman lies or a mad dog fights – as if he can own the truth through sheer willpower.  

    I think you’ve said something that I couldn’t quite find words for, and how McCain’s decisions in the last month put the fear of God/gods up me. Politically, I knew I had to buy into the McLame the Same meme for obvious party reasons. But I didn’t really buy it: compared to Bush McCain at least seemed passionate and convinced. That passion and conviction and WILL as you put it, tied to a crazy fundamentalist Christian base, and with a bellicose belligerence that makes Cheney seem mild, is completely terrifying. Bush was a stick in the mud, unheeding idiot in so many ways. But he wasn’t completely reckless in the same way McCain has shown himself to be.

    Whatever the polls say, whatever gender cards have been played, I really can’t believe the American people will fall for this for THE THIRD TIME.  

  2. ragekage

    I used to admire McCain greatly… that is probably the worst part about it. And back in The Day ™, I used to be excited at the thought of a McCain/Palin ticket, but that was eight or nine months ago, when the only thing we knew about Palin was that a) she has a vagina, and b) she was hot (so the conventional wisdom went at the time).

    Honestly, the chances get more infintesimal every day I could ever support the Republican party again, in any form. Which saddens me, I guess… you know, I would love to support a Republican party that actually stood up for things real conservatives stand for, like smaller government that doesn’t get involved in your lives, deprive you of your civil liberties, spend money like a drunken sailor, et cetera. I was never one to vote a party line, rather for the candidate I thought would do the best.

    I thought, at one time, McCain could provide that. For awhile, it seemed like he was going through the motions, cozying up to the right and then “winking” at the independents and such. But anyone who hires the same people who slandered him and his family… how could you ever trust him again?

  3. skohayes

    I’m so glad to find you over here, I really missed your insight!

    When I heard Palin talking so casually about war with Russia the other night, it really woke me up to the fact that she’s not only ignorant about foreign affairs, she obviously has no idea about the state of our military, the serious burden of our national debt, the consequences of even talking about war with Russia when tensions are already high.

    As you said, at least Bush had Cheney, but the pair of McCain/Palin would be so much more terrifying.

    I remember the British paper headline from the day after the 2004 election, something like “How could 57 million people be so stupid?”- can you imagine what we would hear if McPalin gets in after 8 years of Bush?

  4. Stipes

    I think this passage sums it up for me:

    LESS informed George Bush, more extreme than Pat Robertson and more blissfully reckless than Donald Rumsfeld.

    I’m keeping that little riff handy.

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