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Inaugural Friday Night Open Moose!

Welcome to the Inaugural Friday Night Open Moose!

This is the ultimate open thread, so beware.  This is a “serious politics” free zone, so bring your biting humor, and your body armor.

Tonight’s topic is, naturally, the iconic nature of the Moose.  Feel free to post your favorite pics and stories.

And remember, Sarah, in this place, the Moose fight back!

Ed Note:  The Rules!

Here are the rules:

1.  No serious political discussions, unless it’s amusing.

2.  Political jokes, humor and funny observations are always welcome.

3.  For those of you who choose to alter your perceptions with the use of legal and/or illegal substances, you are more than welcome to participate…so long as you’re willing to live with what you wrote in the morning.  Otherwise, feel free to make an Ass of yourself…we plan to.

4.  Trolls will be dealt with viciously, and with the condescending derision that they deserve.

5.  Oops additional rule:  You all are free to cuss in this thread, but personal attacks (with or without foul language), will not be tolerated.  Creative and funny use of all words in the English language are encouraged.

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  1. Stipes

    or Gatorade (for you perpetual Jocks out there), and let loose.

    I’m still working on the getting a great Moose cartoon posted, as soon as I can figure out how to get it hosted, (I’m a neophyte at this internets stuff).

    Hopefully, I’ll figure it out by the 2nd Annual Friday Night Open Moose, which will be held next week.

  2. Stipes

    when he comes across a crowd of folks, dragging this poor woman out to a quarry to be stoned to death.  Interested, he follows behind to find out what’s going on.  He soon discovers that the village elders have accused this poor woman of being a prostitute, and that they have decided that she must die for her sins.

    As the members of the crowd finish piling up their grisly ammunition of rocks and stones…Jesus steps to front of the crowd and says:  “Let ye without sin, cast the first stone!”

    The crowd is silent.  It’s obvious that they are thinking about this profound statement.

    Suddenly, from the back of the crowd, a single rock comes flying through the air and hits the poor woman straight in the head.  The dam has broken, and the barrage starts.

    When it’s over, stricken and angry, Jesus walks to the back of the crowd and says:  “Mother, sometimes you really piss me off.”


  3. alyssa chaos

    im so hungry I could really go for a mooseburger.

    oh shit! i mean cheeseburger!

    so hungry. cant think of anything funny. food. must go eat.

  4. sanguine giant

    because if so then I got a supply from my various stashez:

    and because I am in good cheer, after finding my way here, a rhyming joke, for all you folk.

    This may cause you to wince in pain, because they be about Johm McCain:

    (note these are not my own creations but I did modify them slightly  full credit goes to

    I see your smile when I am dreaming.

    That’s why I always wake up screaming.

    Kind, intelligent, loving and bright;

    That doesn’t describe you quite right.

    My feelings for you no words can say,

    Except for maybe “A vote for you? Nay!”

    The roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl’s empty and so is your head.

  5. ragekage

    I say we ought to have an Official Motley Moose beer. There are some Moose related microbrews out there, but I’ve never had any.

    If we were to go mainstream domestic, my money would be on Miller or Miller Lite. I suppose we’d better stay domestic- as much as I like Corona, or Guiness (the beer that drinks like a meal), it neither says “moose” to me, nor makes much sense, since we’re kinda focused on US politics, right? Heh.

    We could do a microbrew. Leininkugel’s would be my bet that way. Central/rural Wisconsin, and man, they know how to make beer.

    Of course, we could do like, Labat, but a) Canada sucks, and b) that’s more of a “bear” drink.


  6. Kysen

    Yes, that means that I fucking rule.  ; )

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    Dibs on the Moose Munch!

    Every time my wife hit’s the Outlets in Williamsburg I have her pick some up for me from Harry and David. Stuff is addictive.

    Now….who had the beer?

    • Stipes

      dtaylor is a piece of shit.

      I have noticed that ZSG has eased up a bit.  Do you think that it could be Jerome’s nice side?

  7. skohayes

    Just made my way over here this morning, looks like a fun group!

    Some really good writers on here, so I look forward to some great diaries!


    • Stipes

      Made me laugh out loud, and my daughter jumped out of her chair.

      Glad that you’re here.  You’re one of my favorites, dude.

      • Stipes

        here in Oregon.  I’m going to a beer making party tomorrow night.  I bet that we can get labels made up, otherwise, Motley Moose beer is not a far fetched idea.

        • Stipes

          It sounds like a few of us have had some personal tragedies over the last few weeks.

          I really miss spaceman.  My heart goes out to him, his brother and his family.

          No worries on the Jokes, bro.  I know a few.  

          I’m babysitting two 9 year girls at the moment, so this won’t get really crazy until later, (the sun is still up, here in sunny Portland).

          How was Epcot, BTW?  My little one is bugging me to go.

      • Coors is out, of course. Any Anheuser Busch beers are out now that they are foreign-owned. Miller beers are horse piss. That doesn’t leave much, except micro-breweries. The Moose is more of a micro-brewery place anyway.

        Problem solved. Moose Drool Brown Ale from the Big Sky Brewing Company in Montana.

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