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  1. Out of the loop here in London, I would ask for a video link, but actually I don’t think I could stomach it. The interview sounds very soft ball. What’s the reaction been?

  2. ragekage

    I always used to admire McCain greatly. And now I’m so throughoughly disgusted. I can’t believe I was ever a Republican. Sigh.

  3. alyssa chaos

    that interview was actually so painfully hilarious. i love it when politicians squirm!

    Charlie gibson sounded so bored. and well she wouldn’t effing answer the questions!

    not impressed at all. merely entertained by how she tip toed around everything. no straight answers were given.

    oddly enough my local radio station, which is anti politics, was replaying the part of the interview where she talked about a possible war with Russia. The DJs were all stunned. hell I was stunned.  

  4. Stipes

    If you read between the lines, the “serious” conservative commentators are not impressed either…but they’ll keep trotting out the talking points, albeit without much enthusiasm.

    Palin peaked at the beginning.  Her image can only degrade from this point.

  5. Kysen

    from my back yard.

    Think I can be McCain’s Secretary of State?  ; )

    (and, I knew Bush’s Doctrine without having to have a news reporter explain it to me….that’s gotta count for something…right?)

    • ragekage

      Something tells me I wouldn’t like a McCain administration, either. The only benefit I can see about a McCain/Palin administration is that it would cement the downfall of the Republican party. But I don’t think our country can survive that.

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