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Remembering September 11, 2001

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Began as a response to Linfars excellent diary and crossposted at mydd

Lin, thank you for bringing us to the real. I cannot watch the news on this day, and have not been able since 2001. Anything they do seems to cheapen the memory.

I was at a training in Duluth that day (four days actually), learning how to conduct forensic interviews with children who may have been sexually molested. This was very early in my career as a CP investigator.

During our midmorning break, many of us started getting phone calls. None of us knew what was going on, and as we wondered if we were at war, our trainers finally called us back in to continue. We got bits and pieces throughout the day, and we all  tried to call family and friends when able. We finished early that day, and I rushed back to my hotel to watch the news for the rest of the evening. I remember thinking how the inconceivable had been happening with greater frequency, as of late.

The pain I felt for all of those people who died, and the fear I felt for our nation and world that day, was only intensified by the response from our government. bush seemed small, frightened, and ridiculous. When he sat for so long with that child after he knew what had happened, and looked like a blinking deer in the headlights when he finally spoke to the nation; the full force of the tragedy that had befallen our country, hit me hard.

Not just the horrors of that day, but the horrors of a nation robbed of it’s actual President. I am convinced that this catastrophe would never have happened under a Gore Administration. And if it had, I am even more certain President Gore would have led us through the past seven years, in a wholly different direction than we have all had to endure.

My rage at this buffoon that currently occupies the White House is beyond words. He has taken all of us to the brink of destruction. bush had a lot of help of course. Twelve years of republican control of the House of Representatives and eight years of a Senate too close to be effective. The result? Madness.

Madness that will only continue if we allow John McCain and Sarah Palin near the White House. Have we not yet learned our lesson?  


  1. Hollede

    It is very moving and took me right back to that first day. Sorry if I seem to be politicizing this, but it is impossible to see this national event, without bringing truth to words, regarding the tragic impact the bush administration has had on the United States of America, and the rest of the world.

  2. Hollede

    they have used it to steal away our security and trust in the world. They have stolen our civil rights, the lives of countless human beings, tons of treasure, and our standing in the world. Am I missing anything?

  3. alyssa chaos

    to chris:

    When we were at our most vulnerable we trusted our President, we trusted President Bush to lead us.

    And he betrayed that trust.  

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