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Bad Disney Movie

Chris . . . this is my first post at the MOOSE, so let me know if I tracked in any droppings!

I can understand why many Americans don’t want to get lectured by Pamela Anderson about animal cruelty, or Chuckabee Norris about immigration reform. They should stick to saving swimmers caught in TV riptides, and kicking ass in TV Texas.

Tonight I watched a video that, while a little snarky, was actually a refreshing take on the potential Commander-in-Chief from Alaska.

LINK to the video

Matt Damon rocks!

This might be a good video to send to any young, undecided voters. These questions need to be answered, and he asks them without getting into the tabloid smears. I could go on, but will open the thread to any discussion.


  1. vet75

    I can’t believe it was over TEN years ago that he was Private Ryan . . . around the same time that I joined the Armed Forces. I have TEN more years to go, so PLEASE let me have a Commander-in-Chief for the next EIGHT years I can admire!

  2. I have particular thanks for you because, during the dark days of the primary wars I wrote a slightly despairing diary and your response was; “Don’t worry – we’ll all kumbaya in August.” And you were right.

    Thanks for the Matt Damon clip. I work a lot with actors (I write their lines) and often the real person doesn’t match up to what you’ve projected on them. But Matt Damon made me laugh outloud with his dinosaur and disney thing. Thanks for cheering me up – yet again.

  3. KLRinLA

    regardless of political affiliation.  Not as a slight to Palin due her gender, but her light experience is also unique compared to the lower 48.  It would be one thing if she had the same record but in Indiana or Colorado, but Alaska?  Were the inhabitants are basically paid just to live there? Where large city issues and problems along with economic strife is nearly non-existent? And we don’t know anything about her except for her radical views and simplistic, folksy persona.  I know a lot of people probably love this, like that movie with Robin Williams as a Jon Stewart type candidate, really shake things up with a complete outsider.  But as we look closer it doesn’t even seem she is that much of an outsider when it comes to politicizing government jobs, abusing power for personal retribution, and yes, gobbling as much pork as necesary.  She is like an unknown Bush and her top ticket mate has fully embraced Bush as well.  How can he talk about chnage when he is lockstep on tax policy, foreign relations, economic policy, and environmental/oil policy.  This is scary indeed, I cannot believe that this isn’t discussed more, possibly due to reverse implication of Obama, but his experience is completely relevant for the position, whereas hers appears only relevant in the sense that she is capable of defrauding our country as bad as Bush.  And really, she will be just another puppet to Rove and neo-cons.  Man the cult of personality can be pretty destructive

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