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Yes She Can!

Can Sara Palin unite the Democratic Party? Yes she can! I have been trying to watch the Republican National Convention this week and really the only thing I could force myself to take in, whilst heavily medicated, was McCain’s speech. I did choose coffee and chocolate as the main part of my regimen, but I am still on pain killers, and taking one was a serious error.

John McCain’s speech was the most boring, annoying, and inadequate speech I have ever heard a nominee of either party give. The only thing that helped me remain awake, was the chatter on mydd and the green screen. I had visions of all of the things Colbert will do with that green screen, and it made me smile.

That was good, because I must say McCain’s biography and Fred Thompson’s introduction scared me to death. McCain was thankfully boring and not frightening. However I did get these horrible images of Fred Thompson, Joe Leiberman, and John McCain in the White House for the next four years, and had a very nasty zombie nightmare early this morning. I loves me some zombie movies, but perhaps I need to cut back.

I did not watch Palin as I was out Thursday night. I am not yet prepared, to subject myself to Mrs Palin. What I find odd, is that many of the people who tried to say that Obama or Clinton are not experienced or qualified to be POTUS, are giving Palin a total pass. I feel that John McCain’s choice of Sara Palin to be a terribly shameful objectification of women for the purpose of winning the White House. Sara Palin is the only person running on the national tickets that has not earned her spot. For the republicans to use the worst kind of tokenism is disgusting. Does McCain think he could not die? How does he really think a President Palin would do?

I think Clinton and Biden should go out on the “Joe and Hill Show” and destroy her.

Clinton can easily do this. I do not think that Obama and Biden will be able to do much damage to her, as it will be seen by the media as sexist. They will try to redeem themselves for Clinton through Palin. This cannot happen. We cannot let the republicans use the victim card on Palin’s behalf.

I will give McCain a bit of due. I think that he did the one thing that has the potential to save his candidacy, by picking Palin. She has absolutely electrifed the lunatic religious right wing of the republican party. However, I believe she will also do something else.

I am also certain that she will turn off a lot of Independents, moderate republicans, and fiscal conservatives; and she will help unify the Democratic Party. The thought of a President John McCain may not disturb many, but the idea of a President Sara Palin will.  


  1. jonra

    People usually give someone new the benefit of the doubt. They are also more forgiving of good-looking people. There have been plenty of studies on that. Things will change as people get to know her better. She’s a far-right libertarian who belongs to a far-right Christian church. The media isn’t going to give her a pass. Neither is the Obama campaign. They can make McCain look like an idiot for picking her as his VP.

    BTW, I think it’s spelled ‘Sarah’ with an ‘h’.

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